“There’s a bit of re­venge in Her”

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Maika Mon­roe is Pa­tri­cia Whit­more

You’re play­ing the Pres­i­dent’s daugh­ter. How did the war of ’96 shape your gen­er­a­tion?

It changed ev­ery­thing. I lost my mom and that af­fects Pa­tri­cia very deeply, es­pe­cially at that age. But it makes her tougher. There’s a bit of re­venge in her, so that was kind of fun to play with.

You be­gan in in­die films. How much of a cul­ture shock is it com­ing onto a film of this scale?

I don’t think it could be more op­po­site. It was quite bizarre hav­ing all this time and the stages and the green­screen… At first it was a bit in­tim­i­dat­ing, but then you start re­ally lik­ing it. There’s some­thing quite fun about the green­screen and hav­ing to act ev­ery­thing out like a play.

Who made you laugh most on set?

I’m go­ing to have to go with Jeff. You are con­stantly en­ter­tained with him. Some days you’re shoot­ing for 18 hours and most peo­ple would be get­ting kinda cranky and tired, but Jeff would just keep the en­ergy so high.

You did two hor­ror movies in suc­ces­sion. Now you’ve done two alien in­va­sion films. Are you wary of be­ing pi­geon­holed?

It hap­pened by chance that The Guest and It Fol­lows came out back to back. I want to do scripts that I love and if they end up be­ing in the same genre then that’s that. I don’t feel too pi­geon­holed.

Do you think there’s life be­yond this planet?

I think there has to be. I don’t think it can just be us. I think they would be friendly.

Can you back that up with science?

I can’t! I’m go­ing with my gut here!

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