“I went full ac­tion Hero in this!”

SFX - - Independence Day: Resurgence - Nick Setch­field

Jessie Usher is Dy­lan Hiller Is Dy­lan in the shadow of Steven Hiller?

My dad was a war hero. He wasn’t just a war hero of the coun­try, he was a war hero of the world. Dy­lan grew up in the limelight of his fa­ther and had to deal with this enor­mous amount of pop­u­lar­ity and star­dom. He joined the mil­i­tary, so he’s got the pres­sure of what his dad did 20 years ago hov­er­ing over him. But at the same time it doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily bother him. He’s proud to be tak­ing the torch.

And do you feel in the shadow of Will Smith?

Ab­so­lutely. You know, Will Smith is a pow­er­house of an ac­tor and there’s a lit­tle bit of the pass­ing of the torch there too. I wish I’d had a chance to speak with Will and get a lit­tle pep talk but hope­fully that’ll come one day!

Does any­thing in your per­for­mance echo Will’s?

Very, very loosely. There are very sub­tle things… I don’t know how closely peo­ple will be pay­ing at­ten­tion but I ac­tu­ally wear the watch that he wore in the orig­i­nal film. But we wanted to make sure that he’s his own per­son.

Roland’s got a rep­u­ta­tion as a mas­ter of spec­ta­cle, but what does he give to his ac­tors?

From the day that I met Roland up un­til the day I wrapped on the film he was so heav­ily in­vested in the re­la­tion­ships be­tween the char­ac­ters. His films are such huge spec­ta­cles that it’d be easy for char­ac­ters to get lost in all that.

Do you get to go full Top Gun?

Yeah, pretty much! There’s a lot of crazy fly­ing se­quences, run­ning, scream­ing, climb­ing, shoot­ing, ev­ery­thing… I went full ac­tion hero in this. It was great!

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