“She’s seek­ing an­swers…”

Melissa O’Neil Two is

SFX - - Dark Matter -

How does Two re­act to be­ing locked up in a max­i­mum se­cu­rity prison?

When Two first wakes up, her mind­set is “What the hell is go­ing on?” and “Let’s get a game plan go­ing!” For the most part, Two is try­ing to get a han­dle on things. “Let’s rally the troops. Where is ev­ery­one? How do we get go­ing?” Re­venge is not at the top of her list. She’s seek­ing an­swers and wants peo­ple to be held ac­count­able.

How con­cerned is Two about dis­cov­er­ing she isn’t en­tirely hu­man?

I would imag­ine we will ex­plore that a lit­tle bit more. We know she isn’t ex­actly hu­man. How­ever, if we were to open her up, she’s got blood, she’s got guts, a heart and a brain. She has these nanites go­ing through her. She’s been bio­engi­neered. There’s some­thing a lit­tle bit dif­fer­ent about her, but it doesn’t make her any less or­ganic than any­one else.

Two was your first ac­tion role. Are the writ­ers push­ing you fur­ther this sea­son?

Now that we know what I’m good at – and not so good at – they gear things a cer­tain way. They play to my strengths. I asked, “Can I play with more weapons?” I have some crazy stuff com­ing up.

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