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A lot of the char­ac­ters are seek­ing redemption. How does that ap­ply to Three? Does he even care about that?

In sea­son one, he doesn’t. It’s that sim­ple. As you know, he has a back­story with Sarah. There’s an el­e­ment of good within him. In sea­son one, he’s just a sur­vival-of-the-fittest kind of guy. “What­ever I need to do to sur­vive, I will do.” It’s a very sim­ple moral code. It’s al­most amoral. “If I sur­vive at the end of the day, then I have won.” In sea­son two, you are go­ing to start see­ing hints at why he may be the way he is. That is what’s joy­ful about Three. He has a very sim­ple world view. It’s not about go­ing out and be­ing bad, al­though there’s a cer­tain plea­sure that comes with it.

What’s the coolest weapon Three gets to wield?

Bubba is the most fun be­cause it’s a char­ac­ter. It’s not that it only shoots, but it also doesn’t shoot. It bounces peo­ple off walls. The bat­ter­ies run out. It’s a lot of fun to in­ter­act with, while the rest of them (the guns) just make peo­ple die. Bubba is not that sim­ple, kind of like Three him­self.

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