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re­leased OUT NOW! 12a | 127 min­utes Di­rec­tor alex Proyas Cast Niko­laj Coster-Wal­dau, Bren­ton Th­waites, elodie Yung, Gerard But­ler

It must have seemed a good idea on pa­pyrus. Take a Game Of Thrones star, pit him against the lead of 300, add a love res­ur­rec­tion sub­plot to re­mind ev­ery­one the same di­rec­tor made The Crow, then sit back and count the gold. Un­for­tu­nately, the only gold Gods Of Egypt’s go­ing to be associated with will be on mul­ti­ple Razz­ies.

The plot is... fa­mil­iar. Be­fore King Osiris (Bryan Brown) has the chance to coro­nate his successor – son Horus (Niko­laj Coster Wal­dau) – evil un­cle Set (Gerard But­ler) stages a coup. Horus ban­ishes him­self, be­fore team­ing with a fan­tasy trope named Bek (Bren­ton Th­waites) to fight his way back. It’s ba­si­cally The Lion King, but less re­al­is­tic.

An un­o­rig­i­nal plot is far from the only prob­lem. The CGI is over­whelm­ing, con­stant and dis­tract­ing. When But­ler does one of his shouty speeches, it’s tough to take se­ri­ously cos there’s a gi­ant car­toon scarab at­tached to a char­iot fid­get­ing in the back­ground. And the per­for­mances are all ter­ri­ble. Elodie Yung some­how makes lines like “Don’t keep the Queen of Egypt wait­ing” sound un­con­vinc­ing.

Alex Proyas at­tacked US crit­ics for Egypt’s bad re­views, but we have no idea where his pas­sion comes from. It’s em­bar­rass­ing to watch, let alone have your name on. Avoid like the Ten Plagues.

Gods Of Egypt shares over 200 cast and crew mem­bers with Mad Max: Fury Road. If only it had the same di­rec­tor.

“Two Force Awak­ens tick­ets please. The 2D ver­sion.”

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