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re­leased 8 July 2016 | N/a | Vimeo exclusive Di­rec­tor Pa­trick Meaney In­ter­vie­wees Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Bill Hader, lenny Henry

On 28 Au­gust 2013 in In­ver­ness, Neil Gaiman com­pleted what he’s in­sisted will be his fi­nal sign­ing tour. The pub­lic au­thor has be­come a writer again, a man free to do what he’s al­ways loved: to “make shit up” and then scrib­ble it down. Pa­trick Meaney and Jor­dan Ren­nert’s en­ter­tain­ing doc­u­men­tary, filmed over the course of the tour, hunts for clues as to why Gaiman is so driven to do this.

Don’t ex­pect too many firm an­swers. That’s not to say Gaiman is eva­sive. He’s not, he’s ge­nial, happy to of­fer in­sights into his writ­ing. It’s more that, rather like the young Shaun Ry­der (of all peo­ple), he has a near-un­canny abil­ity to be di­rect while some­how keep­ing some­thing of him­self back.

That’s more ob­ser­va­tion than crit­i­cism by the way, es­pe­cially as the sec­tions of the doc that deal with Gaiman’s bi­og­ra­phy are gen­uinely in­sight­ful. You re­alise anew just how much of a trail­blazer Gaiman has been. Sand­man, re­mem­ber, brought a new fe­male read­er­ship to comics, in the process open­ing de­bates about the form that are still rag­ing to­day.

Be care­ful around Gaiman. Ac­cord­ing to wife Amanda Palmer, “Neil mines ideas out of hu­man be­ings.”

Gaiman: you’ll never see him in yel­low.

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