Robin Of sher­wood: the knights Of the apoca­lypse

Noth­ing is for­got­ten, thank­fully

SFX - - Reviews - Due to rights is­sues, ITV stip­u­lated the pro­ceeds must go to char­ity: the Bri­tish Red Cross and the Sher­wood For­est Trust.

Imag­ine if, 30 years from now, ev­ery sur­viv­ing Firefly cast mem­ber got to­gether and recorded an un­filmed script as an au­dio drama. You’d flip your lid, wouldn’t you? Well, that’s ex­actly what Robin Of Sher­wood fans are do­ing right now.

Based on a screen­play by cre­ator Richard Car­pen­ter that picks up after the ’80s ITV show ended, The Knights Of The Apoca­lypse con­tin­ues the ad­ven­tures of Jason Con­nery’s Robin and co, and does it bloody well too. Once you get over the sheer, fist-pump­ing joy of hear­ing Ray Win­stone’s Will Scar­let grum­bling like a mardy bas­tard, Nick­o­las Grace’s Sher­iff say­ing “Gis­burne!” as though he’s found some­thing icky on his shoe and, yes, those Clan­nad vo­cals at the start, you can sit back and en­joy the episode that never was.

And it’s a doozy: filled with all of Robin Of Sher­wood’s glo­ri­ous swords and sor­cery and boast­ing a scenery-chew­ing turn from An­thony Head as the bad guy. De­spite the fact the series was so glo­ri­ously vis­ual – all misty forests and moody cas­tles – the sound de­sign does such a great job of con­jur­ing crack­ling fires, frog-filled marshes and echoey dun­geons. The cast are on top form, too; as in-char­ac­ter as you’d ex­pect given the writer, and there are even a few belly laughs (a scene in­volv­ing a toi­let is a trea­sure). We’ll never get to see new Robin Of Sher­wood on our screens again, but this is the next best thing. Jayne Nel­son

Sit back and en­joy the episode that never was

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