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1 There’s a neat con­cept be­hind this set of 6” tall Star Wars char­ac­ter torso glasses (FPI price £14.99; prod­uct code D5827), but does it ac­tu­ally work in prac­tice? They look okay when you’re look­ing di­rectly at the front or the back, but viewed from the sides there’s an awk­ward join be­tween the two sides. And after ten sec­onds of look­ing at an ex­panse of Han’s shirt you re­alise you’d rather be look­ing at his face. On bal­ance we think we pre­fer one of man­u­fac­turer Half Moon Bay’s other glass­ware sets – like the Star Wars char­ac­ters tum­blers (D5828) or the quotes shot glasses (D5829).

2 Do you run an in­sti­tu­tion hous­ing the most mur­der­ous and bug-nuts mem­bers of so­ci­ety? In need of some handy sig­nage for your de­cay­ing gothic pile? Look no fur­ther than the Arkham Asy­lum tin sign (price £4.99) – mea­sur­ing 21cm by 15cm, with screw holes in each corner, it comes com­plete with Joker graf­fiti. Al­ter­na­tively, dec­o­rate the en­trance to your se­cret hi-tech crime-bust­ing lair with this Bat­cave tin sign. Warn­ing: may act as a ruddy great tip-off to your lo­cal crim­i­nal com­mu­nity.

3 That’s no moon... it’s a condi­ment set. These ce­ramic Death Star salt and pep­per shak­ers (FPI price £8.99; prod­uct code D5973) split the Im­pe­rial su­per-weapon into two hemi­spheres, with the salt side get­ting the deadly su­per­laser – ap­pro­pri­ately enough given its dele­te­ri­ous ef­fects on your health. The re­sults look a bit odd. And who the hell ac­tu­ally uses a pep­per shaker any­way? Any­one?

4 Part oc­to­pus, part man, part dragon and now all vinyl, this Cthulhu Pop! fig­ure

(FPI price £8.99; prod­uct code C4095) won’t drive you in­sane if you gaze upon it – though the con­cept of a cutesy fig­ure of HP Love­craft’s an­cient one does make you ques­tion your san­ity. In a rad­i­cal de­par­ture by Funko stan­dards, he ac­tu­ally has eye­lids. Our favourite de­tail is the trunks; it looks like he’s wear­ing a grass skirt. Two vari­ants are avail­able: one glows in the dark, while the other (per­haps aimed at Don­ald Trump) boasts a “gold patina”.

5 Call­ing all true be­liev­ers! Stick this Vinyl Idolz Stan Lee (FPI price £16.99; prod­uct code D5549) on your desk­top and per­haps it’ll in­spire you to cre­ate some of the great­est comic book char­ac­ters and sto­ries ever! If not, you can al­ways ad­mire the cu­ri­ous finer de­tails of this smooth, sturdy fig­ure, such as the goo­gly Homer Simp­son-style eyes un­der­neath his shades. Since Stan’s got four fin­gers here – one hand do­ing a Spidey web-flick – per­haps that’s en­tirely in­ten­tional.

6 These Harry Pot­ter col­lec­tors’ tins (price £3.99) are def­i­nitely not for keep­ing smok­ing stuff in, y’hear? They’re 100% for col­lect­ing bits and bobs, so if you’ve got a pile of but­tons, pin badges or even magic beans in need of stash­ing, you’re in luck. They come em­bla­zoned with the crests of all four Hog­warts houses. Four more boxes, fea­tur­ing “Quid­ditch cap­tain”, Bank of Gringotts, Hog­warts Ex­press and Hog­warts crest de­signs are also out.

7 This ce­ramic Darth Vader fig­u­ral stein (FPI price £33.99; prod­uct code D5983) is not rec­om­mended for any­body who isn’t strong with the Force. Not only is the Sith-shaped flagon (which holds 22oz of beer – that’s just over a pint) a weighty arm-killer, but when the lid’s open, Vader has a ten­dency to top­ple over – which is why it comes with a stern warn­ing to “hold stein firmly in hand when lid is open”. Still, he makes a fun puppet if you wag­gle his head up and down. Look for R2-D2, Boba Fett and Chew­bacca steins too.

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