Dolorous edd tol­lett

Game Of Thrones isn’t all about the big guns, you know…

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The cur­rent (al­beit tem­po­rary) Lord Com­man­der of the Night’s Watch is ev­ery­thing Game Of Thrones has taught us that peo­ple are not. He’s loyal, brave, funny and – cru­cially – still alive at time of writ­ing. He is not a great man, but rather a friend to great men, and as such is worth his weight in Lan­nis­ter gold in a world where gen­uine friends are so very few and far be­tween.

Let’s re­cap some of Dolorous Edd’s finest mo­ments, shall we? He took part in the Great Rang­ing north of the Wall, sur­viv­ing Craster’s Keep and the White Walker as­sault on the Fist of the First Men; he took charge of the Wall dur­ing Mance Ray­der’s at­tack; he was at Hard­home; he’s backed up Jon Snow ev­ery step of the way, and was ready to die aveng­ing him. And he’s been hi­lar­i­ous the en­tire time.

You see, some folk crum­ble in the face of

dan­ger; some are spurred on to greatness; and some peo­ple – the best peo­ple – make jokes un­der their breath and wearily get on with what­ever sui­ci­dal task they’ve been given. We know which one of the three we’d be. Is Edd the bravest? No. The most charis­matic? Nope. Does he have a dragon, or a Va­lyr­ian steel sword, or an in­trigu­ing back­story? Def­i­nitely not.

He’s a small man caught up in great events, and lit­tle more than a footnote in Ge­orge RR Martin’s vo­lu­mi­nous scrolls. And yet, he’s the Brother of the Night’s Watch we iden­tify with most. For are we not all, at heart, Dolorous Edd Tol­lett, wearily bat­tling through life, laugh­ing at the madness of the world and won­der­ing how we got here? Edd, we salute you, and as long as you have the Wall we’d be hon­oured to serve at Cas­tle Black. Rob Power

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