A wretched hive of scum and vil­lainy

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UK Broad­cast Chan­nel 5, fin­ished US Broad­cast Fox, fin­ished Episodes Re­viewed 2.01-2.22

Busi­ness­man THEO GALAVAN an­nounces he’s run­ning for Mayor. He’s clearly evil. Civil­i­sa­tions rise and fall, the Sun al­most runs out of fuel to burn and still no­body no­tices. Mean­while, he frees some crim­i­nals from Arkham Asy­lum.

JEROME Look at me, I’m the proto-Joker! Ha­ha­haha!

GALAVAN You could well be, my friend. But now I’m go­ing to kill you.

JEROME ...Bug­ger.

JEROME is mur­dered by GALAVAN, who looks like a hero. How­ever, DE­TEC­TIVE JIM GOR­DON still isn’t so sure.

JIM Hmm, I’m start­ing to sus­pect Galavan isn’t a good guy. THE AU­DI­ENCE About time! You’re a crap cop.

Mean­while, ED­WARD NYGMA has killed his crush’s boyfriend and started to date her.

ED­WARD I love you so much!

MISS KRINGLE So do I!... Hang on, did you kill my boyfriend?

ED­WARD ...Bug­ger.

He kills MISS KRINGLE. Else­where, PEN­GUIN is in charge of Gotham, but he falls from grace, loses his mum, ends up in Arkham and then finds his dad, PEE-WEE HER­MAN.

PEE-WEE HER­MAN I love you so much!

PEN­GUIN I love you so much!

PEN­GUIN’s dad is killed. PEN­GUIN ...Bug­ger.

In­side Arkham Asy­lum, DR HUGO STRANGE is ex­per­i­ment­ing on in­mates, mak­ing su­per-pow­ered crea­tures and re­leas­ing them. The uni­verse grows old and TIME IT­SELF al­most ends be­fore any­body no­tices.

JIM Hmm, I’m start­ing to sus­pect Dr Strange isn’t a good guy.

THE AU­DI­ENCE About time! You’re a crap cop.

BRUCE WAYNE dis­cov­ers that DR STRANGE killed his par­ents.

BRUCE I will de­feat this evil foe!

In­stead, BRUCE is held cap­tive by DR STRANGE and al­most blown up.

THE AU­DI­ENCE And you’re a crap Dark Knight.

BRUCE I haven’t even hit pu­berty yet, give me a bloody chance.

Arkham Asy­lum’s MON­STER IN­MATES are re­leased into Gotham. They sham­ble off, into the shad­ows.

THE AU­DI­ENCE Will next sea­son be called “Vil­lains Hit Big City, Find Jobs, Get On The Hous­ing Lad­der”?

THE WRIT­ERS Ac­tu­ally we’re go­ing with “Batman Vs Pu­berty”.

BRUCE I will de­feat this evil foe!

BRUCE’S HOR­MONES We’re go­ing to make him even more moody.

THE AU­DI­ENCE ...And Batman be­gins! Jayne Nel­son

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