A who’s who of the new Ghost­busters

SFX - - Ghost Busters -

Abby Yates

A sci­en­tist whose re­search in­ter­ests lie in the para­nor­mal. A few years be­fore the events of the new movie she co-au­thored a book that sug­gested ghosts were real.

Played By:

Melissa McCarthy

Since Feig helped turn her into the Os­carnom­i­nated break­out star of Brides­maids, she’s be­come one of the most in-de­mand ac­tors on the planet.


Par­ti­cle physi­cist and best friend of Abby Yates. Ru­mour has it she loses a pres­ti­gious po­si­tion when her em­ploy­ers learn about the afore­men­tioned ghost book she co-au­thored with Yates.

Played By:

Kris­ten Wiig

A long-term SNL reg­u­lar who’s grad­u­ated to a suc­cess­ful movie ca­reer, fea­tur­ing

Brides­maids (which she co-wrote), The Mar­tian and Zoolan­der 2.


The nu­clear engi­neer and mu­ni­tions ex­pert re­spon­si­ble for build­ing the Ghost­busters’ kit. Seems to be mod­el­ling her style on Egon Spen­gler in The Real Ghost­busters.

Played By:

Kate McKin­non

While a rel­a­tive new­comer to movies, McKin­non’s one of the hottest prop­er­ties on

SNL, and does very im­pres­sive im­pres­sions of Hil­lary Clin­ton and Justin Bieber.


A New York City Sub­way worker who has a close en­counter of the para­nor­mal kind, and hooks up with Yates, Gil­bert and Holtzmann to com­plete the new line-up.

Played By:

les­lie Jones

After a long ca­reer in stand-up, Jones joined

SNL’s reg­u­lar line-up in 2014, where she does

very good an­gry. She’s also had nu­mer­ous sup­port­ing roles on big and small screens.

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