Rumble in the jun­gle

SFX - - Reviews - Also out: Warhammer Quest: Sil­ver Tower, an up­dated ver­sion of the long out-of-print dun­geon ad­ven­ture.

In Games Work­shop’s lat­est a squad of Space Marines must fend off at­tack from hordes of alien Gen­esteal­ers. Sound fa­mil­iar? That’s be­cause it’s a sim­i­lar premise to the re­cent

Death­watch: Overkill. The ac­tual games, how­ever, are quite dif­fer­ent and Lost Pa­trol is faster and eas­ier to get to grips with – al­beit still time-con­sum­ing when it comes to the fid­dly busi­ness of minia­ture assem­bly.

The Marines are search­ing a treach­er­ous jun­gle (rep­re­sented by a shuf­fled stack of hexag­o­nal tiles) for an es­cape craft. Tan­gle­weed bogs them down, while In­fes­ta­tion tiles spew out more Gen­esteal­ers. Should the squad split up or stay to­gether? Tiles are only re­vealed when a Marine has di­rect line of sight, so di­vid­ing the group will clear the way faster but leaves them vul­ner­a­ble to at­tack, and as scouts these guys are hope­lessly out-classed, gen­er­ally needing to roll a six to hit their ag­ile op­po­nents.

It’s a sim­ple me­chanic in a game that’s clearly tar­geted at new or less ex­pe­ri­enced play­ers, but it’s chal­leng­ing (es­pe­cially for the be­lea­guered Marine player) and fun. And, for once, you don’t need to buy ex­pan­sion packs or ex­tra fig­ures – it’s all in the box, and at a very rea­son­able price. Will Salmon

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