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Watch­ing this, my first re­ac­tion was: “Michael Fass­ben­der, woo!” Fol­lowed by: “Hmm, this looks like a com­puter game...” But hey. Fass­ben­der kick­ing ass. I’m in.


There’s not much here to get me ex­cited – yet. The un­mis­tak­ably videogamey ac­tion is com­pe­tent, but there’s not much to lift this above generic ac­tion trailer ter­ri­tory.


The whole trailer looks like an ex­tended cutscene from an early in­stal­ment of the game fran­chise. I’m hop­ing there’s a lot more go­ing on to in­tel­lec­tu­ally sup­port the pretty vi­su­als.


If any­body can dis­pel the videogame movie curse, it’s the team be­hind Mac­beth. This looks grubby and fighty in the best way pos­si­ble, like Brave­heart meets The Ma­trix.

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