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No longer re­quired to adapt the 1996 movie at un­nec­es­sary length, the ten episodes of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN SEA­SON TWO (DVD/ down­load, 27 June) sep­a­rate the Gecko broth­ers, de­liver back­story for the Titty Twis­ter’s San­tan­ico Pan­de­mo­nium and in­tro­duce Danny Trejo as su­per­nat­u­ral bad guy the Reg­u­la­tor. Ex­pect blood and guts aplenty, pulpy di­a­logue, and a frus­trat­ing lack of nar­ra­tive fo­cus. Michael Bay’s global pan­demic ac­tion series con­tin­ues to im­press in THE LAST SHIP SEA­SON TWO (Blu-ray/ DVD, 13 June). This year it’s nat­u­rally-im­mune fa­nat­ics with ter­ri­ble Ir­ish ac­cents rather than Russkies caus­ing trou­ble for the crew of the Nathan James. The ship vs sub­ma­rine bat­tles are thrilling, and the pitch black twists con­tinue un­abated. Just brace your­selves for more in-your-face jin­go­ism. Toon adap­ta­tion JEM AND THE HOLO­GRAMS (DVD, out now) drops most of the SF el­e­ments of the ’80s orig­i­nal, aside from Syn­ergy – su­per-com­puter then, a cutesy robot now. What’s left is a generic tale of a ris­ing star pulled in op­pos­ing direc­tions by fame and fam­ily, given a YouTube-era up­grade with “ev­ery­one is spe­cial” syrup la­dled on top. Fi­nally, ab­sur­dist Czech com­e­dy­drama THE INVISIBLES (VOD, out now) con­cerns a race of wa­ter-breathers liv­ing se­cretly among hu­man­ity, threat­ened with ex­po­sure by one of their kind. It’s lightly amus­ing froth, with plenty of quirky de­tails to the world­build­ing of the “Nixes”’ un­der­ground so­ci­ety. All 13 episodes are stream­ing for free via All 4’s Wal­ter Presents strand.

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