Justin Lin’s three fave Orig­i­nal Series episodes

SFX - - Star Trek Beyond -

“The Cage”

“I was eight years old. I didn’t know they were re­runs. So the one episode that al­ways stuck with me was the orig­i­nal pi­lot with Pike. Be­cause I’d watch it and be like, ‘Wait, what hap­pened to Kirk?’ The scene with Bones and Kirk [in Star Trek Be­yond] was in­spired by the in­ter­ac­tion of Pike and his doc­tor in that episode. That episode to me was al­ways, ‘You can be an ex­plorer, but at some point you’re gonna ques­tion your­self, if ev­ery­thing is so vast and end­less.’”

“The En­ter­prise In­ci­dent”

“That last line be­tween Spock and the Ro­mu­lan Com­man­der [‘It was the only choice pos­si­ble. You would not re­spect any other.’]. I don’t think I truly un­der­stood it when I was young. But as you get older, you see it again, and you’re like, ‘Oh!’ That one I re­ally love. Be­cause there was so much hu­man­ity in the way Spock de­liv­ered that line.’”

“The City ON The edge Of For­ever”

“Ob­vi­ously every­body has this on their list, and I’ve got to put it in the top three for sure. You get older and hear the back­story for it. The idea that they were over bud­get. That to me is so awe­some. Peo­ple don’t know if you spend a dol­lar or $100m. It’s ul­ti­mately what’s on screen. There was a lim­i­ta­tion in say­ing, ‘Hey, we have some props and wardrobe that you guys can use. Try to make it with this amount of money…’ And they ended up with a bril­liant episode.”

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