Into dark­ness

Teresa Palmer ain’t afraid of no ghosts...

SFX - - Red Alert -

Re­becca isn’t a typ­i­cal Fi­nal Girl or a war­rior. What do you like about her?

I love that she’s so far re­moved from who I am, though I could re­ally re­late to her – my mother also has schizoaf­fec­tive dis­or­der, so it was me and my mum grow­ing up. I could see how some­one else in that sit­u­a­tion could fall into this world of dark­ness and carry this dark en­ergy with them. Re­becca very much pushes peo­ple away, doesn’t trust any­one. I kind of had the po­lar op­po­site ex­pe­ri­ence where I wanted to be close with ev­ery­one.

The idea of a mon­ster ap­pear­ing in the dark is a great con­cept...

It’s pretty sim­ple, if you think about it, this in­nate fear we all have of the dark. I cer­tainly had it as a child; I had it up to when I was a teenager, ac­tu­ally. I slept in my mum’s bed for the long­est time be­cause I was pet­ri­fied of be­ing alone in my room. The thing you see in the cor­ner which is ac­tu­ally just a stand with a cou­ple of um­brel­las, it’s the wolf man com­ing to get you or the Moth­man.

It’s David Sand­berg’s first fea­ture film. What were your im­pres­sions of him?

I love him, he’s the most gen­tle spirit. He’s very calm, his en­ergy’s never wa­ver­ing, it’s al­ways re­ally sta­ble. That kind of en­ergy set the tone for the cast and crew, which was won­der­ful. It never felt stress­ful, even if I knew we were run­ning out of time. I never felt that anx­i­ety the way you do on other movies be­cause he was just so re­laxed about it all. And it was his first movie!

Was it dif­fi­cult work­ing with the light ef­fects?

Not re­ally. It was quite in­ter­est­ing, I’ve never been on a film where there were the least amount of lights pos­si­ble! Usu­ally it’s the op­po­site, you’re try­ing to light every­thing. It was cool, so shad­owy and dark and it made for this in­ti­mate feel among the crew and cast. Every­thing was prac­ti­cal, even Diana. The girl who played her, Elisha, she was my stunt dou­ble on I Am Num­ber Four! She was re­ally able to con­tort her body in ways that meant they didn’t need to use CGI. I was pet­ri­fied watch­ing the way she could bend and move. She was re­ally hor­ri­fy­ing.

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