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SFX - - First Contact -

Paul Smith Han Solo as an Art­ful Dodger type in a sci-fi Oliver Twist? Def­i­nitely no songs though!

David Pea­cock It would be good if it showed him in the Im­pe­rial Academy train­ing to be a Stormtrooper, but then leav­ing for a life of de­bauch­ery!

Brian Thomas If it’s done prop­erly, it could be a re­ally great movie, but be mind­ful of Episodes I, II and III. Con­cen­trate on the back­story of Im­pe­rial op­pres­sion, meet­ing Chewie, and Han’s Cor­rel­lian home world. Medium Atomic Weight We need Han and Chewie to buddy up in their own road movie. Maybe they could re­turn to Chewie’s home­world Kashyyyk and cel­e­brate Life Day with his fam­ily?

Gareth Wil­liams A Chewbacca ori­gin story set 200 years be­fore Star Wars, when he’s just a puppy. War­wick Davis to play Chewie.

Hazey­davey69 I want to know if the red stripe on his trousers means any­thing!

English Tony Don’t ex­plain how he got the scar on his chin, like they did in the young Indy sec­tion in The Last Cru­sade.

Jane Gil­bert Fol­low­ing their re­cent Stormtrooper cameos, maybe Princes Wil­liam and Harry could star in this!

Si­mon Lit­ton Don’t give him daddy is­sues. That’s all I ask.

Jonathan Har­vey A fun ad­ven­ture: scoundrels; es­cap­ing

from tricky sit­u­a­tions; sharp wit; great space­ships whizzing around.

Parky A young Boba Fett hav­ing some sort of pass­ing en­counter with his fu­ture cap­tive. In cos­tume, of course.

Marc Farmer It turns out he’s a Wook­iee; a shaved Wook­iee with ex­cep­tional vo­cal skills and a pas­sion for waist­coats who’s shunned by his tribe for his bizarre ap­pear­ance. He leaves his home­world to pur­sue a ca­reer as a jazz drum­mer, but af­ter months of ver­bal, emo­tional and phys­i­cal abuse from his tu­tor he sets off as a shaved Wook­iee jazz-drum­ming space-smug­gler/pi­rate (Hmm, not sure you’re tak­ing this en­tirely se­ri­ously, Marc – Ed).

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