Be­hind en­emy lines

Joel Kin­nam is an Rick Flag

SFX - - Suicide Squad -

how does Flag fit into the Squad?

He’s ba­si­cally hold­ing the team hostage, be­cause they all have ex­plo­sive im­plants in their necks. He’s forced by his boss to do this, but he doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily agree and over the course of the movie you see how that al­le­giance shifts and how he ques­tions his moral­ity.

Flag isn’t a crim­i­nal, so is he the hero of the group?

What I re­ally like about the script is it ques­tions what is a hero and what is a bad guy. It takes place in the grey zone more than the black and white. There are some good guys do­ing some bad things and some re­ally bad guys do­ing some good things.

We hear the cast got some in­ter­est­ing gifts from jared Leto…

There were re­hearsals ev­ery­day for a month with all of us ex­cept Jared, who was do­ing his own thing. He’d have the guy play­ing his as­sis­tant de­liver these gifts: a live rat for Mar­got, and then he came in with a dead pig and just threw it down on the ta­ble. So me and Jai [Courtney] pulled him back into the room, put the pig around his shoul­ders, put an ap­ple in his mouth and then Mar­got put a heart on him and took some pic­tures and sent them to Mr J. So there was some psy­cho­log­i­cal war­fare go­ing on.

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