blade run­ner

Karen Fuk is Uhara Katana

SFX - - Suicide Squad -

Did you know how to sword fight be­fore shoot­ing?

I’ve had karate train­ing for about five years and I used to com­pete in karate forms back in high school. For sword fight­ing I pan­icked and took one pri­vate les­son with some­one that prac­tised sword fight­ing the day be­fore my au­di­tion for about five or six hours and he taught me every­thing and I went into the au­di­tion and I guess it worked.

how much do you know about katana’s past?

Her back­story is not the fo­cus of the movie, but I have that in me. Her jour­ney is try­ing to find peo­ple she can trust. She starts off kind of a lone wolf as the pro­tec­tor of Rick Flag, but by the end of the movie she’s re­ally be­come part of a team, part of a fam­ily, so growth wise her is­sue is trust.

how do you con­nect emo­tion­ally with a sword?

I had a cou­ple of ques­tions about the Soul­taker, if it would be hard to con­nect with an ob­ject. But from the get-go when I read the script I re­alised the Soul­taker is not just a sword, it’s a char­ac­ter. It’s my hus­band. So when I re­alised that it be­came very easy to con­nect and re­lated to an ob­ject re­ally.

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