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The Pris­oner is my favourite TV show of all time. It’s the ul­ti­mate night­mare that was ever made on tele­vi­sion – noth­ing has been made since that is so pe­cu­liar and so sin­gu­lar. And it all came from Pa­trick McGoohan. First he made this other spy show [Dan­ger Man] which was more con­ven­tional. And then he goes off and makes this com­pletely de­ranged, sur­re­al­is­tic, ex­is­ten­tial­ist tele­vi­sion show. You can’t imag­ine some­one do­ing that now – not in such a crazy way – be­cause every­thing in tele­vi­sion now is so cor­po­rate, and is reg­u­lated very much. They only did one sea­son, then that was it – and it doesn’t even re­ally have a so­lu­tion. It truly is a bizarre show. I think it’s just mar­vel­lous.

Terence Fisher, one of Ham­mer’s great­est.

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