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re­leased OUT NOW! 15 | 105 min­utes (TBC) Di­rec­tor James deMonaco Cast el­iz­a­beth Mitchell, Frank Grillo, ed­win Hodge

2014’s The Purge: An­ar­chy ex­panded on the orig­i­nal home in­va­sion thriller, and added po­lit­i­cal com­ment that was more in your face than some of the vi­o­lence. Now here comes Elec­tion Year, which goes full Trump, milk­ing the rich vs poor ar­gu­ments for all it can.

Frank Grillo’s back as po­lice sergeant Leo Barnes, here pro­tect­ing a cru­sad­ing politi­cian (El­iz­a­beth Mitchell) run­ning for pres­i­dent so she can take down the New Found­ing Fathers of Amer­ica and end the an­nual rit­ual of law­less may­hem for good.

Much like the pre­vi­ous out­ing, the mes­sag­ing is less than sub­tle, though the char­ac­ters spout­ing it are at least a touch more in­ter­est­ing. Writer/di­rec­tor James DeMonaco is still a lit­tle bit too in love with the car­nage, but he stages a few ef­fec­tive set­pieces as Grillo’s tough nut shep­herds Mitchell through the dan­ger­ous streets with a few will­ing anti-Purge comrades. The big fi­nale is an­noy­ingly close to An­ar­chy (es­pe­cially its set­ting), and the gov­ern­ment vil­lains are now so car­toon­ish as to seem drawn from Nigel Farage’s wet dreams, but the con­cept still has some en­ter­tain­ment value left.

DeMonaco orig­i­nally in­tended to make a pre­quel to the first Purge, un­til Grillo agreed to re­turn as Sergeant Barnes.

Black­pool’s re­ally gone down­hill.

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