Gotham Sea­son Two

The silly sea­son

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re­leased 1 Au­gust 2015-2016 | 15 | Blu-ray/dvd/down­load Showrun­ner Bruno Heller Cast Ben McKen­zie, david Ma­zouz, donal logue, robin lord Tay­lor, Morena Bac­carin

For a show as dark as Gotham, its sec­ond sea­son comes as rather a sur­prise. Sure, there’s all the gritty mis­ery, mur­der and may­hem from its first year, but now re­al­ity has been nudged just a lit­tle bit fur­ther to the side and the ridicu­lous­ness is in­ex­orably ris­ing. If this con­tin­ues, by sea­son four Gotham will be into full-on Adam West ter­ri­tory.

The rea­son for the up­lift in crazi­ness? A fo­cus on the vil­lains. Cory Michael Smith’s twitchy Ed­ward Nygma gets a huge arc, ca­reen­ing to­wards his fi­nal “Rid­dler” moniker and hav­ing a ball along the way. We get to meet Mr Freeze, so re­served that he’s like an anti-Arnie Freeze, but with a mis­sion that’s plain bonkers. Re­li­able genre guest star James Frain oozes smarm and out­landish schemes as Gotham’s new mayor (although pos­si­bly out­stays his wel­come...). Ap­par­ent proto-Joker Jerome (Cameron Mon­aghan) goes on the ram­page in a clever run of episodes that leave us be­fud­dled, en­chanted and not a lit­tle con­fused. And let’s not for­get Robin Lord Tay­lor’s su­perb Pen­guin, who still shines de­spite a dal­liance with Arkham Asy­lum that takes away some of his sparkle. Oh, and then there’s Arkham it­self – the go­ings-on in there are as daft as you could hope for if you’ve read the comics. Ut­terly lu­di­crous.

All of this means there’s pre­cious lit­tle room for Bruce Wayne: he’s there, and he’s do­ing things, but you don’t re­ally care. Thank­fully James Gor­don’s jour­ney has a lit­tle more oomph – he’s like a man pos­sessed by the end – but Gotham’s de­ci­sion to make sea­son two all about the bad guys is def­i­nitely the win­ner here.

Ex­tras An hour and a half of stuff in­clud­ing the show’s 2015 Comic-Con panel, three fea­turettes (one on its noir look, one on Al­fred and one about Mr Freeze) and some char­ac­ter fea­turettes.

Jim’s preg­nant girl­friend Lee (Morena Bac­carin), was re­ally hav­ing Ben McKen­zie’s baby! Daugh­ter Frances was born in March.

“Hand over the spot cream, now!”

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