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Also on XO, Wii U, 3ds, Ps3, 360, Ps Vita, PC Pub­lisher deep sil­ver

This throw­back plat­former is one of many crowd­funded game reimag­in­ings, re­boots and sequels we’ll be see­ing in the next cou­ple of years. If they all turn out like this we should prob­a­bly stop Kick­start­ing things. It’s mighty bor­ing, and suf­fers from more tech­ni­cal is­sues than you’d ex­pect.

You play Beck, the tit­u­lar Mighty No 9, whose mis­sion in­volves sav­ing Mighty Nos 1-8 from their mal­func­tion­ing selves. Each has a dis­tinct theme – ice, fire, light­ning, ranged at­tacks, snip­ing – which dic­tates the style of the level, and re­sult­ing boss bat­tle. Ev­ery stage also boasts an army of min­ions, rang­ing from sim­ple ro­bots to more com­plex mini-bosses.

It’s a spir­i­tual suc­ces­sor to project lead Keiji Ina­fune’s Mega Man, and the sim­i­lar­i­ties are clear: even Beck’s de­sign echoes his pre­de­ces­sor’s. There’s one main dif­fer­ence, though – he can dash, a me­chanic that forms the back­bone of the game. Once an en­emy is weak­ened Beck can zip through them, ab­sorb­ing their “Xel” – an essence that some­times gives him ex­tra pow­ers.

The Xel buffs aren’t very in­ter­est­ing, though. Lives are hard to gain but easy to lose, and you only have two to start with. Given that the jump-shoot­ing is quite fid­dly and sev­eral ob­sta­cles are in­sta-kill, this can quickly lead to frus­tra­tion as you’re forced to re­play a level over and over.

There’s def­i­nitely an ap­peal to the retro style, with the game re­ward­ing quick, snappy plat­form­ing and test­ing your abil­ity to lo­cate and tar­get weak­nesses with its bosses. But it’s hard to shake the feel­ing that this is just a sub-par Mega Man game, and vis­ually it’s like some­thing from Rare’s Xbox 360 era or an early CGI kids’ movie – car­toon­ish but on the edge of be­ing slightly creepy. Still, for fans, it might be just the ticket – even if it can’t live up to the orig­i­nal clas­sics. Kate Gray

Beck’s name is a gag, as he has a fel­low ro­bot buddy called Call. See what they did there?

The droids you were look­ing for?

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