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Back in 2013, French stu­dio Spi­ders pumped out Mars: War Logs, a tale of pow­er­ful wa­ter guilds fight­ing it out af­ter a cen­tury of trou­ble for the hu­man race on the Red Planet. This is of­fi­cially a se­quel, though it’s more like a re­make.

You con­trol Zachariah, a Technomancer just learn­ing his trade. These sci-fi mages are a bit like low-grade Jedi, able to con­trol elec­tric­ity and sum­mon it in attack. Fight­ing is what you’ll be do­ing most of, with lev­els guid­ing you through locked-off sec­tion af­ter locked-off sec­tion, each pop­u­lated by scav­engers hunt­ing for the planet’s re­sources, or arach­nid-like lo­cals. Com­bat is well bal­anced – a but­ton-basher this is not.

Less slick are the story el­e­ments. Plot pro­gres­sion feels forced, with cut-scenes in­ter­rupt­ing game­play with­out warn­ing and rarely de­liv­er­ing any­thing orig­i­nal. Char­ac­ter move­ment feels equally clunky.

These are rel­a­tively small nig­gles, how­ever. When it comes to game­play, The Technomancer doesn’t put a foot far wrong – but that’s largely be­cause it takes so few risks. In­of­fen­sive and en­joy­able enough for ac­tion-RPG fans, but it does far too lit­tle to dis­tin­guish it­self. Keith An­drew

Crea­ture de­signs were in­spired by deep-sea an­i­mals, as the land­scapes brought to mind the ocean floor.

His brother’s the bet­ter look­ing one.

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