SFX - - First Contact - If you’ve got a piece of me­mora­bilia you’d like us to fea­ture, send us a photo of your item with a few words about what it means to you, to sfx@fu­turenet. com, us­ing the sub­ject line Cash In The AT-AT.

It has al­ways been fash­ion­able to col­lect and in these times of Brexit un­cer­tainty cash in the bank is ar­guably not a match for toys and col­lecta­bles in your pos­ses­sion! There is a real plea­sure in search­ing and sourc­ing elu­sive items to com­ple­ment or feed an in­ter­est­ing and some­times all-con­sum­ing pas­sion.

It’s all down to sup­ply and de­mand, and the fluc­tu­at­ing ebb and flow draws par­al­lels to stocks and shares. It’s no longer a re­tail sit­u­a­tion for all those child­hood mem­o­ries we used to covet and de­sire in the past – you need to hunt them out, some­times in the most un­likely of places. It opens up a fas­ci­nat­ing new world.

The vin­tage toy mar­ket world­wide is sur­pris­ingly large at £2.5 bil­lion. It is also grow­ing by a healthy 10% a year. There are 2-3 mil­lion core col­lec­tors out there that trans­act once a week and spend up to three hours a day on their hobby. Fur­ther­more, toy col­lec­tors are highly net­worked – if you do some­thing good for them they’ll spread the mes­sage.

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