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Anakin Sky­walker’s old Clone Wars ap­pren­tice Ah­soka Tano (who went AWOL be­fore the end of that show) be­comes a key leader in the proto-Rebel Al­liance, co­de­named “Ful­crum”.

The Em­peror un­leashes a load of Dark Side-sen­si­tive lack­eys called “In­quisi­tors” to elim­i­nate any Jedi who evaded Or­der 66. Darth Vader is also in­volved in the hunt.

Ah­soka even­tu­ally works out that the guy in the black suit with the heavy breath­ing is her for­mer mas­ter.

While they were even­tu­ally re­placed by the in­fe­rior Stormtroop­ers, some Clone Troop­ers (led by good old Cap­tain Rex) sur­vive in hid­ing.

Geono­sis, the set­ting of the fi­nal bat­tle in Attack Of The Clones, is now de­void of life – all those bug guys (led by Pog­gle the Lesser) were wiped out by an Em­pire ster­il­i­sa­tion pro­gramme.

The first Death Star was built in or­bit around Geono­sis.

Darth Maul is still alive, and hang­ing around on an old Sith World called Mala­chor.

De­spite his past al­le­giances, he’s in the mood to kill some Sith. You can’t trust ’em…

Star Wars Rebels hero Ezra Bridger finds a lightsaber with a sim­i­lar de­sign to Kylo Ren’s.

Vader: al­ways lurk­ing.

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