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Fol­low­ing the death of the Em­peror, lead­ing lights in the Rebel Al­liance moved to cre­ate the New Repub­lic. Mon Mothma was elected its first chan­cel­lor.

The de­struc­tion of the sec­ond Death Star didn’t bring the Galac­tic Civil War to an in­stant end – as in the old Ex­panded Uni­verse, Im­pe­rial rem­nants con­tin­ued to fight the bat­tle.

De­spite be­ing dead, the Em­peror con­tin­ued to ex­ert an in­flu­ence – he dis­patched droids to lead­ing of­fi­cers con­tain­ing a last will and tes­ta­ment that de­manded the purg­ing of plan­ets of strate­gic im­por­tance. Pal­pa­tine’s home planet, Na­boo, was near the top of the list.

Around this time, Luke Sky­walker en­listed Poe Dameron’s mum, Shara Bey, to help him re­cover a pair of Force-sen­si­tive trees (we’re not mak­ing this up) that had been nicked from the Jedi Tem­ple on Cor­us­cant.

The Em­pire con­tin­ued its oc­cu­pa­tion of

Kashyyyk, so Han Solo and Chewbacca aban­doned a New Repub­lic mis­sion to lead a rag­tag as­sort­ment of smug­glers and scoundrels to help lib­er­ate the planet.

Could Boba Fett have sur­vived his close en­counter with the Sar­lacc, as he did in the old Ex­panded Uni­verse? There are re­ports of some Man­dalo­rian ar­mour be­ing found on the sur­face of Ta­tooine, “pit­ted and pocked, as if with some kind of acid”... What do you reckon?

Darth Vader turned into an icon and mar­tyr. His hel­met (that would later find its way into Kylo Ren’s hands) was some­thing of a col­lec­tor’s item, and hot prop­erty on the black mar­ket.

“Vader Lives!” graf­fiti was even sighted.

Jakku, Rey’s home, was the site of a top-se­cret Im­pe­rial re­search fa­cil­ity be­fore the Em­pire’s fall.

Around a year af­ter Death Star II was de­stroyed, the Em­pire made a last stand on Jakku – and it re­sulted in the Star De­stroyer In­flic­tor crash­ing on the desert planet’s sur­face, cre­at­ing Jakku’s most fa­mous sight­see­ing spot.

The Em­pire even­tu­ally signed the Galac­tic Con­cor­dance, a peace treaty that ended the on­go­ing Civil War.

Not all of the for­mer Im­pe­ri­als were pre­pared to put up with the changes, how­ever – loads left to make their home in the Un­known Re­gions.

Among them was Gen­eral Hux’s dad, Bren­dol. A vet­eran of the Clone Wars, he was an im­por­tant fig­ure at the in­fa­mous Im­pe­rial Academy on Arka­nis. His son used some of his old man’s train­ing tech­niques he pi­o­neered to give in­struc­tions to First Or­der Stormtroop­ers.

Hux Sr cre­ated a crack team of Stormtroop­ers, where the qual­i­fi­ca­tion for mem­ber­ship was killing one of your fel­low cadets. That’s team-build­ing!

Poe Dameron grew up on Yavin IV – y’know, the planet where the Rebels were based in A New Hope – with one of those Force-sen­si­tive trees nearby.

He’s been fly­ing since he was six. Princess Leia is af­fec­tion­ately known as “Huttslayer” among var­i­ous mem­bers of the crim­i­nal un­der­world. In one of the less PC ad­di­tions to the new

Star Wars canon, Han Solo in­stalled a kitchen on the Mil­len­nium Fal­con as a wed­ding gift for Leia. Pre­sum­ably be­fore that Han and Chewie lived off take­away from, er, Pizza the Hutt? It wasn’t all sweet­ness and light back in the New Repub­lic. As Mon Mothma pushed for de­mil­i­tari­sa­tion, the Se­nate split into a cou­ple of dis­tinct fac­tions. The Pop­ulists be­lieved ev­ery planet should con­trol its own des­tiny. The Cen­trists craved a more au­thor­i­tar­ian, cen­tralised gov­ern­ment – kinda like the Em­pire. About seven years be­fore the events of The

Force Awak­ens, Leia was on the verge of be­ing elected the New Repub­lic’s first ever First Se­na­tor... ...un­til a ri­val se­na­tor told the galaxy that Darth Vader was her dad. Up to this point, only Luke, Leia and Han knew. Not even Kylo Ren (then Ben Solo) was aware of his grand­fa­ther’s iden­tity – he was off train­ing with Luke at Jedi school. (We’re guess­ing Supreme Leader Snoke got in touch around about now.) Han and Chewie didn’t spend all the years be­tween Re­turn Of The Jedi and The Force

Awak­ens cap­tur­ing Rathtars – Han took part in and or­gan­ised space­ship races… ...while Chewie went back to Kashyyyk to live a quiet fam­ily life with the Wook­iees. Mean­while, for­mer Im­pe­ri­als have been build­ing a new army and fleet in the Un­known Re­gions, go­ing by the name of… you guessed it. The First Or­der was ini­tially bankrolled by pro­ceeds from smug­gling and gam­bling. The New Repub­lic was slow to re­alise the First Or­der was a threat, and was happy to let them do their thing, just so long as they stayed put on the other side of the galaxy. Leia was a tad more con­cerned, how­ever, so formed the Re­sis­tance. Among her first in­take: for­mer Rebel Al­liance le­gends Nien Nunb and Ad­mi­ral Ack­bar. And then there’s Ma­jor Caluan Ematt (above) – he was pretty im­por­tant in the old Rebel Al­liance, ap­par­ently. The New Repub­lic doesn’t of­fi­cially en­dorse the Re­sis­tance – they don’t want to be seen op­pos­ing the First Or­der – but as­sists Leia be­hind the scenes. Ace pi­lot Poe Dameron was a top Repub­lic flyer be­fore sign­ing up. Snap Wex­ley, the X-Wing pi­lot played by JJ Abrams reg­u­lar Greg Grun­berg, is Tem­min, the tech-ge­nius kid who played a key role on Akiva in Star Wars: Af­ter­math. His mum, Norra, was a Y-wing pi­lot in the as­sault on the sec­ond Death Star.

From the horse’s mouth in Vader’s own comic.

You should have seen the eBay bids for this.

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