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Vader isn’t flavour of the month af­ter the de­struc­tion of the first Death Star – in fact the Em­peror blames him for the whole em­bar­rass­ing episode, and does his evil best to un­der­mine him. He even forces him to re­port to Death Star min­ion Gen­eral Tagge.

The Em­peror also be­lit­tles Vader for what hap­pened to him on Musta­far, com­plain­ing that his cur­rent, cy­borg in­car­na­tion is not the all-pow­er­ful right-hand man he was look­ing for.

Vader is more than just the Em­peror’s hench­man, how­ever. He has his own agenda, and sets about hunt­ing down the young, Force-sen­si­tive pi­lot who blew up the Death Star.

It turns out The Em­pire Strikes Back wasn’t Vader’s first busi­ness deal­ing with one Boba Fett – the Sith Lord hires him to track down afore­men­tioned pi­lot.

He also has an au­di­ence with Jabba the Hutt – de­spite the fact Anakin swore he’d never go back to Ta­tooine.

Han Solo’s not the only one with a Wook­iee side­kick. Boba Fett has an ac­com­plice called Black Krrsan­tan – known as “Santy”.

Find­ing out he has a liv­ing son gives Vader a new sense of evil pur­pose – he’s been drift­ing since Padme’s death.

Luke doesn’t just rely on oc­ca­sional spir­i­tual guid­ance from Obi-Wan Kenobi to help in his Jedi ed­u­ca­tion. He re­cov­ers his old mas­ter’s jour­nals from his hut on Ta­tooine.

And vis­its an old Jedi tem­ple on Vro­gas Vas.

Lobot was Lando’s friend even be­fore they ended up at Cloud City.

How­ever, they made the crit­i­cal er­ror of steal­ing a ship that be­longed to, er, Em­peror Pal­pa­tine. Oops.

Af­ter the demise of the first Death Star, Leia trav­els the galaxy look­ing for fel­low cit­i­zens of Alder­aan who sur­vived the planet’s de­struc­tion.

Han Solo may have had a wife be­fore Leia. Sana Star­ros claims to be the first (es­tranged) Mrs Solo – though Han de­nies it.

Wook­iee bat­tle: Chewie and Black Krrsan­tan in the Star Wars comic.

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