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Lor San Tekka, the old guy who gives Poe Dameron the map to Luke Sky­walker’s where­abouts, isn’t a Jedi knight. He is, how­ever, a fol­lower of the Church of the Force, and holds sim­i­lar ideals to the Jedi.

Af­ter a life­time trav­el­ling the galaxy, he’s set­tled in Tuanul vil­lage on Jakku – which is where Poe Dameron finds him.

Rey was aban­doned on Jakku by par­ents un­known. Bizarrely, they chose to leave her in the care of blobby crim­i­nal Unkar Plutt.

It seems, how­ever, that Unkar Plutt did look af­ter her a bit – he kept his heav­ies off her case be­cause he knew how good Rey was at sal­vaging.

Ni­ima Out­post, the home of Unkar Plutt and one of Jakku’s main set­tle­ments, is named af­ter Ni­ima the Hutt. She moved in af­ter the Bat­tle of Jakku, with much of Hutt Space in a mess af­ter Jabba’s death.

The X-Wing pi­lot hel­met Rey wears on Jakku be­longed to a Cap­tain Dos­mit Raeh.

The Force Awak­ens does man­age to squeeze in JJ Abrams’ trade­mark Kelvin ref­er­ence – there’s a Kelvin Ridge on Jakku. (We’re yet to track down a nod to Slusho.)

Finn’s ID num­ber, FN 2187, is also the num­ber of Leia’s cell in A New Hope.

Han Solo’s stylish (okay, dad-) jacket in The Force Awak­ens is made of Nerf leather. Ap­pro­pri­ate for cinema’s most fa­mous Nerf Herder.

Han and Chewie’s trans­port is called the Era­vana.

Rathtars, like the ones Han and Chewie are haul­ing, are thought to be re­lated to Sar­laccs.

The golden dice in the Mil­len­nium Fal­con cock­pit cel­e­brate the game of sabacc where Han Solo won the ship from Lando.

The red-ar­moured Gua­vian Death Gang sol­diers who storm Han and Chewie’s cargo ves­sel are cy­ber­net­i­cally en­hanced, and have chem­i­cals in­jected into their blood to en­hance per­for­mance.

Maz Kanata’s planet is called Tako­dana. It was once on the frontline of a Jedi v Sith war.

The mem­bers of Maz Kanata’s house band are as fol­lows: Tay­bin Ralorsa, Ubert “Sticks” Quaril, Sudswa­ter Dil­li­fay Glon and the spec­tac­u­larly named In­frablue Zedbeddy Cog­gins.

In the Force Awak­ens nov­el­i­sa­tion, Unkar Plutt fol­lows Rey to Tako­dana to de­mand the Mil­len­nium Fal­con back – and ends up with his arm ripped off by Chewbacca…

Alec Guin­ness’s voice can be heard in Rey’s vi­sion in Maz’s palace. He says “You will be tempted,” and – thanks to clever edit­ing of an old record­ing of “Afraid” – “Rey”.

Ewan McGre­gor also pro­vides an Obi-Wan line: “Rey, you’ve taken your first steps.”

And Yoda says, “Its en­ergy sur­rounds us, binds us” – a line re­cy­cled from The Em­pire Strikes Back.

Other key sounds in­clude a snip­pet of Vader breath­ing, and Luke’s pained yell of “Nooooooo!” from The Em­pire Strikes Back. Wol­li­van, one of the pa­trons of Maz’s cas­tle, has Star Wars her­itage – it’s War­wick Davis in­side the cos­tume.

Kylo Ren is the mas­ter of the Knights Of Ren, a Dark Side out­fit over­seen by Supreme Leader Snoke.

Snoke has de­creed that no one in the First Or­der should speak Kylo Ren’s real name, Ben Solo.

Snoke be­lieves Kylo Ren is the per­fect em­bod­i­ment of the Force – a bal­ance be­tween the dark and light sides.

Ren ex­ists out­side the nor­mal First Or­der chain of com­mand – much as his grandad Darth Vader did in the Em­pire.

Ren’s un­con­ven­tional lightsaber con­tains a “stressed” ky­ber crys­tal – it’s so pow­er­ful that it needs those plasma vents on the hilt to let out some of the ex­cess en­ergy.

It’s based on an old Sith de­sign.

Kylo Ren’s Star De­stroyer, the Fi­nal­izer, is the first in the new “Resur­gent” line.

The chromium plat­ing on Phasma’s ar­mour was taken from an un­likely source – a ship once owned by Pal­pa­tine.

The sil­ver sheen nom­i­nally helps to re­flect ra­di­a­tion, but mostly it’s just about look­ing damned in­tim­i­dat­ing.

She prides her­self on know­ing the se­rial num­ber of ev­ery Stormtrooper un­der her com­mand.

The First Or­der know that stan­dards among the ranks of Im­pe­rial Stormtroop­ers were a lit­tle shoddy, so set stricter rules for their own troops.

They also care a lit­tle bit more about their pi­lots than the Em­pire did – TIE Fight­ers now come with de­flec­tor shields.

Re­sis­tance pi­lots are given a train­ing ex­er­cise known as the “Porkins Belly Run”.

The planet that was used to build Starkiller Base was se­lected for its en­ergy-trans­mit­ting crys­tal de­posits.

The main planet you see blown up in The

Force Awak­ens is Hos­nian Prime. At this point it’s the cap­i­tal of the New Repub­lic – af­ter the fall of the Em­pire, the Repub­lic de­cided to shift its cen­tre of gov­ern­ment to sig­nify a break with the past.

The woman in the fore­ground is Korr Sella, Leia’s en­voy to the New Repub­lic.

The camel-like chap stand­ing next to her is the soon-to-be-for­mer Chan­cel­lor of the New Repub­lic, Lan­ever Vil­lecham.

The Stormtrooper who suc­cumbs to Rey’s mind trick is played by Daniel Craig.

Other peo­ple in Stormtrooper ar­mour in­clude Ra­dio­head pro­ducer Nigel Go­drich and Star Trek com­poser Michael Gi­acchino.

The Re­sis­tance base is on the planet of D’Qar.

Poe Dameron’s black X-wing isn’t just stylish – the paint job helps scat­ter sen­sors.

This Re­sis­tance trans­port is made of old ships the un­der­funded out­fit has sal­vaged – that’s a B-wing cock­pit bolted to the side.

Car­rie Fisher’s daugh­ter, Bil­lie Lourd, plays Re­sis­tance of­fi­cer Lieu­tenant Con­nix.

C-3PO now knows over seven mil­lion forms of com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

His red arm isn’t a glar­ing con­ti­nu­ity er­ror. He wears it in hon­our of Omri, an­other pro­to­col droid who sac­ri­ficed him­self to save Three­pio’s life dur­ing a mis­sion for the Reis­tance. (We have no idea why Three­pio’s gone back to a more stan­dard gold arm at the end of The Force Awak­ens.)

Un­like his ver­bose golden col­league, R2-D2 is yet to have his me­mory wiped af­ter seven decades of ser­vice.

Comic ac­tors Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz (Parks And Recre­ation) were the “vo­cal con­sul­tants” for BB-8.

The planet where Rey meets Luke is called Ahch-To. It’s thought to be the home of the first Jedi tem­ple.

The calm be­fore the crazi­ness…

Where are the Men in Black when you need them?

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