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“The Joker and Har­ley Quinn are the king and queen of this un­der­world in the flashbacks. It’s a more colour­ful world with al­most like a cir­cus feel. David said it’s like psy­cho­log­i­cal war­fare. These tail coats have been made for Jared, and they’re all em­broi­dered in gold. It’s al­most like there’s a corona­tion with the Joker tak­ing the crown. He is the devil in this world. It’s like do­ing a modern Hierony­mus Bosch. There’s a satanic goat image. There’s a Bosch eye­ball. And we’ve got Bat­man. But there’s mo­ments in the club where we play with him. Like the Joker tak­ing the piss out of his out­fit.”

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