on har­ley Quinn…

SFX - - Suicide Squad -

“She has many dif­fer­ent looks in this film. We’ve made more cos­tumes than [we] had op­por­tu­ni­ties to use. We made the corsets, we made the jester suits, we’ve done all of that, and they’re all in a dress-up box on set. There’s a lovely mo­ment where they’re go­ing on this mis­sion and there’s a big thing where they get all their clothes back. David wanted Har­ley to be out­ra­geous, al­most like: ‘We’re tak­ing it se­ri­ously, and you’re look­ing at hand­bags and putting on your rave gear?’ But that’s all part of her dis­trac­tion, things like make-up and stilet­tos. She to­tally owns every­thing.”

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