When the Grim Reaper came a-call­ing, were you pay­ing at­ten­tion?

SFX - - Blastermind - Quiz­mas­ter: Rus­sell Lewin, Pro­duc­tion Ed­i­tor

ques­tion 1 pic­ture ques­tion

Name the film about the alien se­rial killer, and the star.

ques­tion 2

In the comics’ Death Of Su­per­man, in whose arms does Su­per­man die?

ques­tion 3

In the orig­i­nal Star Trek TV show, 59 crew mem­bers were killed. How many were red­shirts? (Within five gets a point.)

ques­tion 4

Which broad­caster com­plained on Twit­ter about the Ra­dio Times spoil­ing it for him re­gard­ing Han Solo’s fate in The Force Awak­ens?

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Name the film and its di­rec­tor.

ques­tion 6

How many times did Rory “die” in Doc­tor Who?

ques­tion 7 pic­ture ques­tion

How does Robert Pa­trick’s T-1000 fi­nally ex­pire?

ques­tion 8

Which ma­jor char­ac­ter dies – prop­erly – in the ac­claimed comic Peter Parker, The Spec­tac­u­lar Spi­der-Man #107?

ques­tion 9

Which Grange Hill teacher did Darth Vader kill?

ques­tion 10

And which Blue Peter pre­sen­ter buys the farm in Flash Gor­don (1980)?

ques­tion 11

“It was beauty killed the beast.” Who says this in the orig­i­nal King Kong?

ques­tion 12

In the script of this Ri­d­ley Scott film it just said “this thing emerges”. What thing?

ques­tion 13

“This is­sue: Ev­ery­body Dies!” Which Marvel ti­tle had this as a cover line in 1981?

ques­tion 14

Which John Car­pen­ter film has the fol­low­ing sorts of demises: shot in head; blown up by grenade; axed; burned to death with a flare.

ques­tion 15 pic­ture ques­tion

Who is meet­ing their un­timely demise here, in what?

ques­tion 16

What BBC se­ries ended on 21 De­cem­ber 1981, ap­par­ently with the deaths of most of the lead char­ac­ters?

ques­tion 17

Bulls­eye and Elek­tra bat­tled to the death in Dare­devil #181. Who lost?

ques­tion 18

True or false: in Amer­ica you can buy a can­dle en­ti­tled the Melt­ing Toht Can­dle, based on the Nazi’s grisly death scene in Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

ques­tion 19

“Oh god! Oh Je­sus Christ!” Who’s about to be sac­ri­ficed?

ques­tion 20

What sci-fi re­lated shrine in Cardiff has its very own TripAd­vi­sor page?

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