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The body BUILDER-TURNED-GLAD­I­A­TOR-TURNED-AC­TOR on his SF Favourites...

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Favourite SF/fan­tasy film

Flash Gor­don is great. As a kid, I loved all the crazy tri­als and tribu­la­tions they had to go through to de­feat the bad guys. And I loved the end­ing when Flash killed Ming the Mer­ci­less. It’s funny be­cause in Argo, my char­ac­ter was based on him. Ben Af­fleck put me in the same red cloak and beard, then sat me next to John good­man dur­ing the ta­ble read of the film within the film. It was crazy, but I got to chan­nel my child­hood dream!

Favourite SF/fan­tasy TV show

The X-Files was a great show. It al­ways left you want­ing more, like Break­ing Bad did; you had to watch the next episode. Ac­tu­ally, I know David Du­chovny be­cause we have the same man­ager. there’s X-Files posters all over her of­fice. He’s a lovely guy, quite dif­fer­ent to Mul­der! He’s al­ways telling jokes.

Guilty SF/fan­tasy plea­sure

Some­one of my build, I prob­a­bly shouldn’t be shout­ing from the rooftops that I like Buffy The Vam­pire Slayer, but I re­ally like that show! It’s more teenage girls who used to jump on that show, so I don’t know if it’d be frowned upon by young Her­culean men that I’m a fan!

Favourite SF/fan­tasy char­ac­ter

I feel like I re­late to the Hulk. He’s big, he’s pow­er­ful, he just runs through things. I did that on Gla­di­a­tors as Rhino. I’m the only glad­i­a­tor in the whole world who had my nick­name be­fore the show. I won the ju­nior Bri­tish body­build­ing cham­pi­onship in 1989, and the name stuck. So the Hulk, man. I can re­late to him. He’s serious!

Day Of The Dead is out in 2017.

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