Stephen Man­ley

Young Spock in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

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Stephen Man­ley was hand­picked by Leonard nimoy to play the piv­otal role of a 17-year-old Spock recovered from the Ge­n­e­sis planet in the di­rec­tor’s soul­ful Star Trek III: The

Search For Spock (1984). his en­act­ment of the Vul­can “blood burn­ing” re­pro­duc­tive cy­cle of pon farr with model Robin Cur­tis (who played Saavik) was a high­light. we spoke to the ac­tor at his LA home.

Would you like to play the role again?

Of course – I could pon farr with Robin for the rest of eter­nity!

What’s the strangest re­quest you’ve had from a fan?

I haven’t had out­ra­geous re­quests. When fans take a pic­ture with me and we pon farr to­gether they usu­ally go blood red and jump up and down!

Did you get any set sou­venirs?

Yes: one set of ear tips.

Would any of your char­ac­ter’s skills have been use­ful in real life?

Con­sid­er­ing I was pon far­ring with Robin I’m sure that would have come in use­ful for a much more colour­ful youth!

Is there any­thing from the movie you wish was real?

It’d be won­der­ful if we were al­ready in the time pe­riod that Star Trek takes place. A lot of the prob­lems we have now would be com­pletely solved.

What would it say on his grave­stone?

I over­dosed on pon farr!

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