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Were you fa­mil­iar with the comic book?

Not re­ally. I have done some read­ing since get­ting the job be­cause it’s im­por­tant to un­der­stand the his­tory and the mythol­ogy of it. I’m catch­ing up. I re­ally en­joyed the Alias comics be­cause the Luke Cage char­ac­ter there is more up to date. I read some of the orig­i­nal comics – they’re fun to read but it doesn’t give me much be­cause our char­ac­ter is so mod­ern and up to date. Just the time, the era – the lan­guage was dif­fer­ent in the ’70s, the peo­ple were dif­fer­ent, ev­ery­thing was dif­fer­ent. So the prob­lems were dif­fer­ent, be­cause so­ci­ety was so dif­fer­ent. the things that a su­per­hero like me would deal with back then are not the same things that I would deal with now.

you’re play­ing a guy who’s bul­let­proof and un­break­able. Does that af­fect the phys­i­cal­ity of your per­for­mance, the way you carry your­self?

yeah, it does. Ul­ti­mately when you’re aware that cer­tain things don’t hurt you you’re not as timid as other peo­ple would be. [But] you’re not try­ing to en­gage, you don’t want to have con­flict. those things are ac­tu­ally a bur­den to you. If you hit some­one you could hurt them, so you re­ally have to think about things. you avoid prob­lems a lot.

is there any­thing in Luke’s char­ac­ter you can re­late to?

I think the re­luc­tance to be ex­posed in a pub­lic way. As an ac­tor you en­joy do­ing what you do, but then the pub­lic­ity that you have at­tached with this oc­cu­pa­tion ex­poses to you be­ing ob­jec­ti­fied and watched. Luke Cage has that is­sue. I can re­late to that need to have some pri­vacy and not need to al­ways be in the pub­lic eye.

Do you get to say “sweet Christ­mas!” again?

Oh, we’ll have enough! Ap­pro­pri­ately placed through­out!

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