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re­leased Out NOW! 12a | 116 min­utes Di­rec­tor Paul Feig Cast Kris­ten Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, les­lie Jones, Kate McKin­non, Chris Hemsworth, andy gar­cia

In one scene in this other­wise up­beat movie, Melissa McCarthy’s Abby sadly ob­serves, “Peo­ple dump on us pretty much all of the time.” Never a truer word spo­ken. But if you move aside all the fetid lay­ers of “dump” that have been so pub­licly heaped on this project since its an­nounce­ment, you can ex­pe­ri­ence it for what it ac­tu­ally is: a fun, slick, oc­ca­sion­ally even bril­liant romp.

Rather like the new Star Trek movies, this is a film that feels fa­mil­iar to its core, helped along by brief cameos from the orig­i­nal Ghost­bust­ing team (although Bill Mur­ray – whis­per it – isn’t quite fir­ing on all cylin­ders, fail­ing to en­gage with his co-stars in any mean­ing­ful way). But there’s no deny­ing that its cast of fe­male comics have dragged the premise into the 21st cen­tury, ad-lib­bing vast spiels like all Hol­ly­wood come­dies seem to do these days, and (with the likes of Chris Hemsworth’s ditzy sec­re­tary) glee­fully turn­ing a few stereo­types on their head.

Sure, some gags fall flat, a few scenes could have done with tight­en­ing up in the edit, and oc­ca­sion­ally you get the sense you’re watch­ing the cast do some clunky im­prov on stage. The vil­lain’s for­get­table, and the plot, while not the same as the 1984 ver­sion, runs sus­pi­ciously par­al­lel to it. All of this, how­ever, is off­set by the beau­ti­ful ef­fects, in­ven­tive ac­tion and the fact that, while all the ladies are great, Kate McKin­non’s Jil­lian is a force of na­ture. When that woman fights ghosts, you sus­pect Venkman, Stantz, Spen­gler and Zed­dmore would watch with their jaws on the floor.

At one point, the girlGhost­busters read out a YouTube com­ment that says, “Ain’t no bitches gonna hunt no ghosts.” They treat this with the de­ri­sion it de­serves – as should you. Bustin’ will make you feel good. Jayne Nel­son

Look out for a nod to a line from the orig­i­nal: a Times Square bill­board ad de­clares “That’s a big” next to a Twinkie.

The swim­ming pool at­ten­dants couldn’t have got it more wrong.

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