THE HUNTSMAN: WIN­TER’S WAR Not worth hunt­ing out

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re­leased OUT NOW! 2016 | 12 | Blu-ray 3d/Blu-ray/dVd Di­rec­tor Cedric Ni­co­las-Troyan Cast Chris Hemsworth, Jes­sica Chas­tain, Char­l­ize Theron

Both a pre­quel and a se­quel to Snow White And The Huntsman, Win­ter’s War is sadly nowhere near its equal – and not just be­cause Snow is a no-show. While the first film was far from a clas­sic it had a sense of won­der and some epic cine­matog­ra­phy. Win­ter’s War, on the other hand, with its make-do ef­fects, work­man­like script and mis­fir­ing com­edy, feels un­can­nily like a straightto-video se­quel from the ’80s.

It be­gins with an ori­gin story for the Huntsman and Ice Queen Freya, the emo sis­ter of the first film’s über-witch Ravenna, set be­fore the first film. Then there’s a big time-jump to a post Snow White pe­riod. That’s when things be­come plod­dingly pre­dictable quest fare with com­edy side­kicks.

It’s com­pe­tent. It’s mildly en­ter­tain­ing. It’s well acted. It’s also weary­ing un­ad­ven­tur­ous and quite of­ten sim­ply dull.

Ex­tras The Blu-ray in­cludes a gag reel (nine min­utes), four deleted scenes (nine min­utes), five fea­turettes (36 min­utes), a di­rec­tor’s com­men­tary and an ex­tended cut that adds six min­utes of not-much-of-any­in­ter­est (in­clud­ing a re­ally bor­ing new post-cred­its scene). Dave Golder

Some film­ing took place at Puz­zle­wood in the For­est of Dean – also used for The Force Awak­ens.

Chris’s head would some­times fall off.

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