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re­leased OUT NOW! 2015 | 15 | dVd Di­rec­tor Jaco Van dor­mael Cast Pili Groyne, Benoît Poelvo­orde, Cather­ine deneuve, François damiens

God is a prick. At least he is in this bliss­fully blas­phe­mous Bel­gian fan­tasy, which sees his daugh­ter (less well known than his son) rebel against her old man. For one thing, she’s fed up with some of the rules he’s in­vented: toast with jam on will al­ways land jam-side down, the queue you’re in will al­ways go slower than the one you’re not in, and so on. So she does a fiendish thing to mess the world up: send ev­ery­one with a mo­bile the date that they’re go­ing to die.

So we get a fella who, know­ing he’s not due to ex­pire for 60 years, starts fling­ing him­self out of build­ings in the knowl­edge that some­how he’ll have a soft land­ing. An­other goes to the park to gun peo­ple down – if he suc­ceeds he’s not to blame, as they were due to die that day any­way.

It’s a de­li­cious, dark con­cept, and the film’s full of dry wit and sur­real sur­prises. Much of the di­a­logue is mor­dantly funny, in­clud­ing the has­sled God’s. Un­hur­ried in pace, it tells in­ter­twined sto­ries of hu­man be­ings’ strug­gles to man­age in this crazy world, which is best summed up by a tramp char­ac­ter: “Life is like a skat­ing rink. Lots of peo­ple fall down.”

Ex­tras None. Rus­sell Lewin

The di­rec­tor has a cameo, as a man who gets killed by a bus the sec­ond af­ter he gets his text mes­sage.

King Kong: the do­mes­tic years.

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