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Is this Harry Potter cof­fee mug (FPI price £8.99; prod­uct code DS873) racist? As hu­mans with no mag­i­cal abil­ity, we take of­fence to be­ing la­belled “Mug­gles” – es­pe­cially since the term’s be­ing used here as a sub­sti­tute for the word “bas­tard”. Why are we be­ing blamed for “get­ting peo­ple down”? It’s hate speech! We should start a pe­ti­tion. A par­lia­men­tary en­quiry is called for. Or maybe we’ll just have a cup of tea in­stead. Yes, that’s sim­plest.


The nee­dle on the cute­ness dial lurches per­ilously into the red with Funko’s girl-friendly new range of Rock Candy vinyl fig­ures (FPI price £10.99 each; prod­uct codes F2291, F2292, F2293, F2294, F2295, F2296), but these dare­devil dames could still kick your ass (well, they could if they weren’t dinky 5” stat­uettes but lis­ten, em­pow­er­ment). The fe­male front­line of the DCU in­cludes Bat­girls both clas­sic and 2015 style, Har­ley Quinn in trad jester mode, Su­per­girl, clas­sic Won­der Woman and her Gado­tas­tic Bat­man V Su­per­man in­car­na­tion.


This Bat­man coaster set from Half Moon Bay (FPI price £4.99; prod­uct code D5732) is one of the neat­est we’ve seen, for two rea­sons. Firstly, it uses orig­i­nal comics cov­ers from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s (specif­i­cally Bat­man is­sue 251 and De­tec­tive Comics 280, 395 and 566) – all that’s miss­ing’s the Comics Code Au­thor­ity logo. Se­condly, they’re gen­er­ously pro­por­tioned (15cm by 10.5cm) – some­thing you wel­come when try­ing to ne­go­ti­ate a suc­cess­ful bot­tle-to-coaster land­ing af­ter your sev­enth beer.


It’s a cul­tural ref­er­ence that dates us, but it has to be said: the Wil­son Fisk com­po­nent of this range of

Dare­devil Dorbz (FPI price £8.49 each; prod­uct codes D6282, D6284, D6285, D6283) looks more like ’70s car­toon icon Bod than Vin­cent D’Onofrio’s crime boss. The three jolly in­car­na­tions of Matt Mur­dock (in civil­ian, “masked vig­i­lante” and full-on Man With­out Fear garb) are bet­ter like­nesses – good news for Dare­devil fans, not so much for Bod com­pletists still await­ing that Aunt Flo fig­ure.


So far we’ve barely glimpsed the Twelfth Doc­tor’s sec­ond sonic

screw­driver (FPI price £14.99; prod­uct code F2372) on screen. The de­sign’s in tune with the TARDIS ex­te­rior, with navy blue colour­ing and a light-up sec­tion bring­ing to mind the Po­lice Box win­dows. Pleas­ingly, it has more lights and sound com­bos than pre­vi­ous mod­els – four in all, ac­ti­vated by push­ing an “ac­ti­va­tor” but­ton at thumb level up or down, ei­ther once or twice. The high-pitched puls­ing of “dou­ble up” is our favourite – slap a break­beat on it and you’d have a real head-nod­der.


Jabba’s pet Kowakian mon­key lizard didn’t look this cute when he was chew­ing out C-3PO’s eye on the gang­ster’s Sail Barge… This Sala­cious Crumb talk­ing plush

(FPI price £14.99; prod­uct code C7429) is more Mog­wai than Grem­lin, a cud­dly Frag­gle-like crit­ter you’d hap­pily give to your kids to play with – if only he didn’t make a go­daw­ful cackle every time they give him a cud­dle. You have been warned.


Sith arte­facts are ex­tremely col­lectable these days, and per­haps none more so than this Darth Vader lightsaber

han­dle cheese grater (FPI price £9.99; prod­uct code D5949), which surely came in handy in the Death Star kitchen. Yes, the sin­is­ter Force cult may have spurned the peace­ful ways of the Jedi in favour of using their abil­i­ties to grasp for power, but they flip­pin’ loved a bit of ched­dar sprin­kled on top of their space bolog­nese.

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