SFX - - Red Alert -

“This is an odd as­sort­ment of he­roes! Kubo [voiced by Art Parkin­son] is the son of a god­dess and through a va­ri­ety of mis­takes, he causes this an­cient evil to come storm­ing down af­ter him, so he goes on the run. He goes on a quest to save him­self and re­unite his fam­ily. Along the way he meets Mon­key [voiced by Char­l­ize Theron], who is this sav­age sword­wield­ing mon­key, whose de­sign was based on a Ja­panese ma­caque, and then Bee­tle [voiced by Matthew McConaughey], who’s this big, brawny, be­fud­dled man-bug. His de­sign was a fu­sion of a stag bee­tle and a Ja­panese rhi­noc­eros bee­tle.”

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