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“We started de­vel­op­ing Kubo five years ago; the pace of these things is glacial! We were still in pro­duc­tion on ParaNor­man, and the orig­i­nal idea sprang from the mind of our char­ac­ter de­signer Shan­non Tin­dle, who imag­ined this in­cred­i­ble, sweep­ing samu­rai epic. It was just a re­ally cool con­cept we’d never seen be­fore. It spoke to me in a mean­ing­ful way be­cause when I was a kid I was an enor­mous fan of fan­tasy epics. I loved Tolkien, Star Wars, Greek and Norse mythol­ogy. With Kubo, we had a can­vas with which we could paint in those same colours.”

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