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WAVERLY EARP “Wanna slip into some­thing more comfy, huh? Like a coma?” Wynonna Earp, Episode 1.01

DEBLANC “If by baby you mean the most pow­er­ful en­tity ever known, the sin­gu­lar force that could shift the bal­ance of power and threaten all of creation, then yeah, it’s a baby.” PREACHER, Episode 1.06

BRI­ANNA “So you be­lieve she trav­elled 200 years into the past? Through a stone?”

ROGER “It’s not im­por­tant if I be­lieve it. She be­lieves it. I’m just say­ing, we need to keep an open mind.”

BRI­ANNA “How about we keep an open tab in­stead?” Out­lander, Episode 2.13

DUSTIN “Why are you keep­ing this cu­rios­ity door locked?” Stranger Things, Episode 1.07

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