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Lance Alexan­der says: “I own this Ken­ner 18” Alien from 1979, com­plete and boxed with work­ing jaw. Bought it years ago. Love to know value and rar­ity.”


This Ken­ner Alien 1979 18” fig­ure is the ul­ti­mate goal for

Alien col­lec­tors. Back in the day when the toy was avail­able it wasn’t a good seller. The film was not suit­able view­ing for chil­dren; par­ents were not happy to al­low their chil­dren to play with this crea­ture and con­se­quently there weren’t many pro­duced and sold. It’s also frag­ile in con­struc­tion, with many parts be­com­ing dam­aged, es­pe­cially the back spikes, teeth and tail. The arms can be­come de­tached and lost – as can the translu­cent head dome.

The mar­ket for adult col­lecta­bles was not as it is nowa­days – toys were gen­er­ally meant to be played with by chil­dren, not cher­ished and kept within their pack­ag­ing by adults.

Although this Alien ac­tion fig­ure rep­re­sents a faith­ful ren­di­tion of H R Giger’s creation Ken­ner did not pur­sue fur­ther mar­ket­ing.

es­ti­mated value boxed

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