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SFX - - First Contact -

Chris Wor­boys Dead­pool cameo! More lesser known X-Men/mu­tants like Domino, along with the Colos­sus from Dead­pool – he was great. And the yellow suit with the mask, just once in a film, please. That will set­tle my fan­boy urges!

Alex Holmes Dead­pool vs Wolver­ine (as in the lat­est movie and not the f**k-up with the mouth sewn shut from X-Men: Ori­gins: Wolver­ine)!

Jim Covert-lly Lo­gan v Hulk. Their beef was leg­endary in the comics. A per­fect clash of egos.

Sarah Si­mons Make it bet­ter than The Wolver­ine! Lordy, that was one te­dious, pre­ten­tious and mis­er­able movie.

Craig Hedges Sofia Boutella from Kings­man would be per­fect to play X-23. Face it, she’s got form when it comes to fight­ing with blades on her feet!

Chris Stock­ton I re­ally en­joyed see­ing Wolvie in ac­tion in World War II in X-Men Ori­gins: Wolver­ine. Just imag­ine an In­glou­ri­ous Bas­terds style war epic with Lo­gan on a mis­sion into oc­cu­pied ter­ri­tory… hell, have him go up against Christoph Waltz as a milk-drink­ing Nazi!

Ja­son Tre­vers No way should they put him in the costume from the comics. That would just look daft on the screen. Ac­cept that this is a dif­fer­ent Wolver­ine from the comic books – he’s a lot taller, for one thing!

Terry Hughes More Sen­tinels! You can never go wrong with more Sen­tinels!

Anne Har­vey I’m just glad that Pa­trick Ste­wart is go­ing to be in it. Him and Hugh Jack­man are al­ways great to­gether. Hope they get to share lots of scenes to­gether.

Len It’s got to be Old Man Lo­gan. They need to prop­erly Mad Max it up but know­ing Hol­ly­wood it’ll bear no re­sem­blance to the comic.

Ben Jones What’s the point of do­ing Old Man Lo­gan? They haven’t got the rights to all the other Mar­vel char­ac­ters! Bit point­less with­out them.

Fiona Stone Kill him off! You can’t re­place Hugh Jack­man, so why not?

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