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Be­hold the hottest of Hot Top­ics: the new Ghost­busters movie!


Steve Ed­wards, email It was like watch­ing a love let­ter to Ghost­busters fans. There were enough (re­spect­ful) nods to the orig­i­nal to keep fans happy, while still hav­ing enough new ma­te­rial, ideas and jokes to en­able it to stand on its own feet. A nice mix of comic styles, both mir­ror­ing the style of the orig­i­nal’s com­edy while in­tro­duc­ing some mod­ern, con­tem­po­rary comedic el­e­ments as well.

Matt Hemsworth, Face­book Not bad, just dif­fer­ent. A few too many nods to the clas­sics but it took them as a start­ing point and ran in new di­rec­tions. I liked the new char­ac­ters and could hap­pily watch more of them.

An­drew Gaskell, Face­book If they had cast the women as the daugh­ters of the orig­i­nal Ghost­busters then I would have gone to see it at the cinema.

Dar­ren Car­nall, Face­book If any­thing it had more laughs than the orig­i­nal (which I still love), and the visual ef­fects were not only spec­tac­u­lar and flaw­less, they were beau­ti­ful too. The use of colour and 3D on the ghosts was amaz­ing – the

most in­ven­tive and ef­fec­tive 3D I’ve ever seen in a film. SFX Even bet­ter than the de­cap­i­tated fish head float­ing out of the screen in Jaws 3-D, you say?

David Chap­man, Face­book The peo­ple who have been abus­ing the cast in gen­eral and Les­lie Jones in par­tic­u­lar should be ashamed of them­selves, but that doesn’t al­ter the fact that this is a dis­mal and aw­ful re­tread of a clas­sic com­edy.

Gavin Dickinson, Face­book I was one of those hat­ing on this movie hav­ing grown up with the orig­i­nal but af­ter watch­ing I found it to be re­ally funny. A good com­edy – but medi­ocre for a Ghost­busters re­boot.

John Ed­wards, Face­book The cameos were a mixed bunch. Mur­ray and Aykroyd were largely point­less. I hope Hud­son and Weaver get larger roles in a se­quel.

Paul Levy, email Re­ally glad we got to hear the Ray Parker Jr theme! It’s the funki­est song in the whole world! Not too fussed about the other ver­sions…

Ed­uard Korho­nen, Face­book I got free tick­ets – I cer­tainly had no in­ten­tion of pay­ing. Some­how it man­aged to be even worse than I ex­pected, and my ex­pec­ta­tions were be­low rock bot­tom.

Tris­tan Heaven, Face­book I thought it was poor.

I was one of those hat­ing on the movie but I found it re­ally funny

The is­sue was not the cast – they were al­right, noth­ing to shout about – but the script was so poor. Sack the di­rec­tor and the scriptwrit­ers and hope­fully the sec­ond film will be a lot bet­ter.

Bernard Kwan, Face­book En­ter­tain­ing, but doesn’t reach the heights it could have achieved. I thought it banked too much on nos­tal­gia (not that it was a to­tally bad thing…). David Daniels Re­boot trav­esty. rob Perry, Face­book No, it’s not the orig­i­nal, but nei­ther is it try­ing to be. None of the new char­ac­ters are anal­o­gous to the orig­i­nals and by sim­ply tak­ing the con­cept and ba­sic shape of the orig­i­nal movie, but telling a dif­fer­ent story, it didn’t feel like a point­less and in­fe­rior re­hash. The cameos were mostly fine but there were per­haps a few too many “kisses to the past”. Vastly su­pe­rior to the slap­dash, dumbed down re­tread that was Ghost­busters 2. SFX Is that the sound of a troop of Ghost­busters 2 fans strap­ping on their pro­ton packs in anger? Look, let’s not start an­other fight…


Keith Tu­dor, rom­sey The Star Wars fran­chise should re­main fun and en­er­getic. There should be qual­ity over quan­tity. Tra­di­tional film­mak­ing meth­ods should con­tinue to be em­ployed. Film­ing in the UK should con­tinue (the Im­pe­rial Of­fi­cers mostly sounded Bri­tish). Cameos from the orig­i­nal cast would be good (such as David Prowse, Jeremy Bul­loch etc). No CGI char­ac­ters. Plenty of space dog­fights, ide­ally with the mod­els in the style of John Dyk­stra. Mu­sic from John Williams. Poster art from Drew Struzan. Lightsaber du­els with mixed mar­tial arts and a swash­buck­ler feel. Okay, so I’m a tra­di­tion­al­ist when it comes to Star Wars af­ter the pre­quel tril­ogy went too CGI heavy…

Sam Hop­kins, Leam­ing­ton Spa Way too many call­backs with the new Star Wars movies, es­pe­cially now it’s con­firmed Vader’s go­ing to be in Rogue One. The thing peo­ple loved about the orig­i­nal Star Wars is that ev­ery­thing was mind­blow­ingly new. Let’s get back to that spirit, please!

Carl roberts, Hinck­ley Af­ter see­ing the trail­ers and Cel­e­bra­tion reel, is it just me or does Rogue One look like it could be even bet­ter than The Force Awak­ens?

SFX Could be, Carl. At least we won’t have to en­dure yet an­other Death Star. Oh, hold on…

Stephen Wynde, Ton­bridge More plot lines in­volv­ing trade fed­er­a­tion ne­go­ti­a­tions please! Let’s get back to the good stuff! SFX Be­ware the power of the Ironic Side, Stephen.


Paul Vought, email That was an ex­cel­lent ar­ti­cle on the Perry Rho­dan nov­els [Time Ma­chine, SFX 275]. I re­mem­ber the books be­ing read by my fa­ther and his broth­ers back in the ’70s. You in­spired me to seek out the Fu­tura and Ace edi­tions of the Third Power se­ries sec­ond­hand and I’m en­joy­ing the reads. Also, con­cern­ing the ac­tor who played the nar­ra­tor on the open­ing cred­its of Sap­phire & Steel [To­tal Re­call, SFX 276], I al­ways thought it was Bernard Hol­ley and not David Suchet. Bernard played the main Axon Man in the Doc­tor Who ad­ven­ture “The Claws Of Axos”. Lis­ten to the cred­its of Sap­phire & Steel and then watch a bit of “The Claws Of Axos”. Of course, I could be wrong… SFX Any more thoughts on the iden­tity of the oh so enig­matic voiceover man from Sap­phire & Steel? Who was he? Why has he

Am I the only one not rav­ing about Stranger Things?

never come for­ward? Will he al­ways be a fas­ci­nat­ing blank in TV his­tory? Wait, what if he looks like that dude with no face from the story with the pho­to­graphs…


Char­lie Hall, Bas­ingstoke So Sui­cide Squad has got a 15 rat­ing over here. Got to say I’m dis­ap­pointed – to me this is just the lat­est sign that su­per­hero films aren’t be­ing made for the au­di­ence they should be, ie the kids. Zack Sny­der’s got to take a lot of the blame for this, but it’s the way it’s been go­ing since Tim Bur­ton’s Bat­man back in ’89. Dead­pool was an­other one not for un­der-15s. When I was a kid we had tons of su­per­hero films we could see – ad­mit­tedly some­times not great ones! – but these days I feel sorry for the young ’uns who can’t see half of them. SFX I agree with you, Char­lie. The great­est su­per­hero movies work for ev­ery­one, ir­re­spec­tive of age. I get as much out of Su­per­man The Movie now as I did when I was 11. If I’d seen Bat­man V Su­per­man at that age I’d prob­a­bly be in Arkham by now.


Pete Sur­tis, Grimsby Loved your ar­ti­cle on the Scream! comic in SFX 277. It brought back lots of mem­o­ries. Like how even though it said “Every Mon­day” on the cover it never came out on a Mon­day! I think I used to get mine on a Thurs­day. Just look­ing at that cover I can feel the pa­per it used to be on, and even smell it too! Aah, comics smell, in­ter­min­gled with the sweets in the newsagents... I re­mem­ber the weird, hol­low, dis­ap­pointed feel­ing I got when I found out Scream! was no longer. “Why?!” I asked my­self – it was great! Any­way, cheers for cov­er­ing it. Now let’s have an ar­ti­cle on hor­ror crisps of the ’70s. SFX 2000 AD was the same. “In or­bit every Mon­day” de­clared the cover – but it was al­ways a Satur­day thing, wasn’t it? Read­ers, can you ex­plain this puz­zling space-time anom­aly?


Hy­wel, email I re­ally wanted to love The Liv­ing And The Dead. It’s great that the BBC are giv­ing us a su­per­nat­u­ral show in prime­time, and, fair play, it looks gor­geous: all those rav­ish­ing shots of the English coun­try­side look amaz­ing on a hi-def telly. But it’s just so dull, and not nearly as scary as it should be. I wanted some­thing that felt like those won­der­fully creepy old Christ­mas Ghost Sto­ries but this was more like Poldark with the oc­ca­sional shud­der thrown in! SFX There’s one new se­ries you all seem to love, though. Or is there...?


Craig Dal­gliesh, email I’m lov­ing Stranger Things. I haven’t binged on a TV show like this since the early years of Su­per­nat­u­ral! What a fan­tas­tic nos­tal­gic trip through ’80s Spiel­ber­gian cinema. The homages to some of my fave ’80s films shine brightly. Well done, Net­flix! Let’s not ruin it with a sub-stan­dard sec­ond sea­son though, eh?

Ben Jones, email Am I the only one on the planet not rav­ing about Stranger Things? It’s de­cent enough but not that bril­liant, surely? I think peo­ple are be­ing blinded by all the bla­tant ’80s homages: Spiel­berg woods! A poster for The Thing! Dun­geons & Dragons! Noth­ing wrong with nos­tal­gia, of course, but the show seems to be get­ting praised to the skies just for push­ing all the right but­tons with Gen­er­a­tion X. Is this what our cul­ture’s come to? Good drama’s just a bunch of cool T-shirt choices now, is it? SFX I was pre­par­ing a re­ally deep and thought­ful re­ply for you, Ben, and then “Africa” by Toto came on and all my critical fac­ul­ties went out the win­dow.


Claire Holmes, email Am I the only one who’s find­ing it re­ally hard to get into Preacher? Some episodes have been bril­liant, but they’re in­ter­rupted by oth­ers in which bug­ger all seems to hap­pen and the main fo­cus seems to be “Look at our lovely cine­matog­ra­phy!” rather than “Hey, check out the story!” I know this hap­pens on lots of shows – Dare­devil and Jes­sica Jones could be re­ally slow, too – but I can’t seem to for­give Preacher for do­ing the same thing. The cast are great, though, and when stuff does hap­pen, it’s bril­liant. It’s just a bit... “Get a move on!” SFX Two “Am I the only one” in­tros in a row, folks!


De­clan Byrne, email Why, oh why, hasn’t The Ex­panse been shown in the UK? It’s su­perb and, for all their

slightly cheap charm, Killjoys and

Dark Mat­ter are not in the same league. Thank­fully the US Blu-ray is re­gion free but the show’s ab­sence from a UK chan­nel is such a shame.

Fiona Stone, email En­joyed your fea­ture on Sui­cide Squad in SFX but it took me a whole week to re­alise why you’d called the in­ter­view with Cap­tain Boomerang “The Come­back King”.

SFX Slow-re­lease puns. Our favourite.

Becky Hicks, email Great in­ter­view with Ni­co­las Wind­ing Refn in the lat­est is­sue [SFX 277]. Never thought I’d see some­one giv­ing a shout-out to Blake’s 7 and Flesh­pot

On 42nd Street in the same breath! Bet he’d be a great per­son to have a movie marathon with…

SFX We’ll sup­ply the pizza. You sup­ply the sofa. Refn brings the fashion model can­ni­bals.

Stephen McAfee, email So I’m fi­nally catch­ing up with Agents Of SHIELD sea­son three, and it is bloody bril­liant! No, let me re­phrase that: it’s un­miss­able. I’m a 30-year-old man, I won’t lie, but “spy’s good­bye”, it broke me. Wayne ully­att, Sh­effield I’ve just bought a copy of The League Of Re­gret­table Su­per­heroes,

rec­om­mended by Nick Setch­field in the pages of your il­lus­tri­ous mag­a­zine. I’m writ­ing to let Nick and other fans know that the au­thor has a se­quel planned for pub­li­ca­tion in March 2017, imag­i­na­tively ti­tled The League Of Re­gret­table Su­pervil­lains.

SFX Thanks for let­ting us know, Wayne, and glad my tip was use­ful. Per­son­ally I’m hold­ing out for Vol­ume 3: The League Of Re­gret­table Su­per­pets.

Four women who took on huge en­e­mies…

Skeg­ness: nice at this time of year.

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The Liv­ing look­ing to make the Dead?

Check­ing out Stranger Things. Ru­bik’s Cube pre­sum­ably on floor.

Space gym­nas­tics fun in The Ex­panse.

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