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What’s in store for Vic­tor Strand in sea­son 2.5?

The places where we all be­gan with this show, we couldn’t be fur­ther from them. We’ve be­come some­thing dif­fer­ent. That’s what an apoc­a­lypse will do to you. It’ll bring out the ugli­est stuff and the best stuff. My char­ac­ter has a jour­ney of be­ing de­con­structed. It’s less about the suit. He’s be­com­ing more hu­man in a way.

how has Strand’s per­cep­tion of madi­son changed?

There’s one scene where Kim [Dick­ens] and I are drunk in a bar. And Kim gets up­set think­ing about her fam­ily. She’s break­ing glasses, and of course the dead arise and we have to fight our way out. Kim smashes a bot­tle over some­one’s head and Strand is look­ing at her like, “Oh my god. Where did THIS come from?!” Then we have a scene where some big dude’s fol­low­ing her – we’re still drunk – and I see she’s stab­bing the guy in the stom­ach with a bot­tle. I’m like, “Oh my god!” The women are the bad asses in this show [laughs].

What’s the best part of film­ing in mex­ico?

There’s a bar here that Rus­sell Crowe made, called the Mon­key Bar. Be­cause he wanted his cock­tail the mo­ment he got off set. He didn’t want to go down to Rosar­ito [laughs]. Baja Stu­dios has such great his­tory with these epic films. We’re the first tele­vi­sion se­ries to shoot here. I love it be­cause we’re not shar­ing it with other shows. This is our home.

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