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this is­sue we’ve got a thou­sand and one opin­ions on Star Trek Be­yond. And on other stuff too!

Mick­eyleon 48, Twit­ter It truly felt like a long ver­sion of an orig­i­nal Star Trek episode in the mod­ern era. Job done for fans of the show.

Andy Hall, Face­book Loved it, and it felt closer to Star Trek than the pre­vi­ous two. Tone was good, loved the diplo­matic stuff, the En­ter­prise looked glo­ri­ous, great ac­tion, loved see­ing more of the Fed­er­a­tion and a bit of Trek his­tory.

An­drew Hal­l­i­day, Face­book A great (but not per­fect – there were some silly bits) en­sem­ble piece, with some­thing for ev­ery­body to do. Pegg clearly un­der­stands the team dy­namic.

Le­land Reib­ling, Face­book A rip-off of Avatar. Ev­ery­thing looked like re­cy­cled old film from pre­vi­ous Trek movies but more blurry. Except this time Spock is cry­ing all the time and Scotty is a fool and has to ask peo­ple how to fix things. Still, my favourite movie for the sum­mer com­pared to the rest of the Hol­ly­wood trash. SFX Wow, you re­ally didn’t like other sum­mer movies then.

Rob Perry, Face­book It was the movie Into Dark­ness should have been. Telling its own stand­alone story with sub­tle nods to the larger fran­chise, with­out di­rectly lift­ing en­tire nar­ra­tive chunks. The great­est com­pli­ment I can give it is it felt like an orig­i­nal se­ries episode writ large. Crack­ing stuff.

Tony, Twit­ter I felt mo­tion sick­ness watch­ing it! As a re­sult I hated it.

Paul Starkey, Face­book Ab­so­lutely loved it! So much bet­ter than Into Dork­ness!

Gary Mancini, Face­book I didn’t think much of it. Found the story plod­ding.

Ed­die Fowler, Face­book Ex­tremely av­er­age, and ob­vi­ous; the screen­play lacks any­thing orig­i­nal or imag­i­na­tive. Gi­ant “meh”.

Robert Wil­liam Gra­ham, Face­book Loved it. It felt like a big bud­get episode of the clas­sic orig­i­nal se­ries with bet­ter ef­fects. The best of the re­booted movies.

Jenny Davies, Face­book A lot of fun; great en­sem­ble cast, co­pi­ous amounts of hu­mour and im­pres­sive set­pieces.

Jonathan Sav­age, Face­book Bril­liant, def­i­nitely up there with First Con­tact and Voyage Home.

Bo Zo, Face­book Best to worst imo: II, III, FC, VI, IV, ST09, STID, STB, TMP, GEN, V, NEM, INS (but STB may go up af­ter a re­watch).

David Yates, Face­book A big im­prove­ment on the pre­vi­ous one. I par­tic­u­larly liked the scenes

It felt like a long ver­sion of an orig­i­nal episode

with Spock and McCoy, es­pe­cially when they fi­nally ad­mit­ted that they were friends of each other and not just mu­tual friends of Kirk’s. So sad to see Chekov, know­ing that An­ton Yelchin is no longer with us.

Scott James, Face­book Some nig­gles, most no­tably the “race to get to where the bad-guy is go­ing be­fore he does a thing with the McGuf­fin to de­stroy ev­ery­one” shtick, but over­all it was very en­joy­able.

Marc Bour­geois, Face­book The odds of the En­ter­prise vs the swarm were too big against the En­ter­prise. No way they could’ve sur­vived. Crew looks tired. The throw­back of 20th cen­tury tech­nol­ogy that ends up sav­ing the day is a bit much.

Gary Lee Kydd, Face­book Fan­tas­tic movie, loved it right from the get go. Plenty of nice lit­tle mu­sic nods to the old Star Trek themes too. Took the whole fam­ily wife and kids, a 10/10 from all. Pegg nailed it – he truly knows his genre. It’s good to have a guy who knows the fans and is at the helm. SFX So rea­son­ably pos­i­tive over­all, then. Will the forth­com­ing TV se­ries get as good a re­cep­tion, I won­der... #YES, THEY HAVE NO DICKS

James Kins­ley, Nor­wich I didn’t hold out a huge amount of hope for Ghost­busters, specif­i­cally be­cause I wasn’t a fan of Paul Feig’s Brides­maids, or Melissa McCarthy’s broad com­edy roles. But like all ra­tio­nal hu­man be­ings, I was dis­mayed by the ra­bid misog­yny that greeted the an­nounce­ment of an all-fe­male re­make of the ’80s clas­sic. The idea that a film can ruin an­other film, or any­one’s child­hood, is patent non­sense, as the fuss over the Star Wars pre­quels proved. But the anti-fem­i­nist na­ture of the crit­i­cism was far uglier than any­thing The Phan­tom Men­ace pro­voked. As a re­sult, I wished the film all the luck in the world on prin­ci­ple, and went to see it my­self for the same rea­son. And I’m re­ally glad I did, it’s a re­ally fun ride. Plenty of nods to the orig­i­nal, some sub­tle, some less so, but also plenty go­ing on in its own right. The per­for­mances are mainly great – Wiig, Hemsworth and Jones are all su­perb, and McCarthy reins in some of her ex­ces­sive ten­den­cies to cre­ate a very like­able char­ac­ter. McKin­non was a lit­tle heavy-handed for my tastes, but not to the detri­ment of the film as a whole. There’s a lot of great gags, de­cent ef­fects, the story is ser­vice­able if not ground­break­ing, and Omar from The Wire’s in it. What’s not to like?

Medium Atomic Weight Haven’t got a clue what the film was about – the orange stripes on the boiler suits kept send­ing my eyes wonky. SFX It was fun, but a pity they didn’t have a bet­ter vil­lain and more con­flict. Thanks to all the in­ter­net bat­tles about its “pol­i­tics”, it may be a film that will only be able to be prop­erly judged years down the line.


David Cook­son, email Ques­tion of the month for me is: does any­one at SFX like Bat­man V Su­per­man: Dawn Of Jus­tice? I re­ally liked it and have now watched it sev­eral times. In the in­ter­est of balance, I pre­fer a Su­per­man who is op­ti­mistic, Dooms­day was wasted and also way too big (look back at Su­per­man #75 for per­spec­tive), and why has Lex de­signed lo­gos for fu­ture Jus­tice League mem­bers?! Re: Lex, Eisen­berg is watch­able but per­haps he should have been play­ing a dif­fer­ent char­ac­ter. On to the pos­i­tives of the Ul­ti­mate Edi­tion re­view: this cut shows much more ma­nip­u­la­tion by Lex, blow-torch­ing bod­ies to look like the re­sult of heat vi­sion and the

No way should BvS score a measly 2.5 stars

ex­tended sub­plot of Clark in­ves­ti­gat­ing the fear of reg­u­lar cit­i­zens in Gotham of Bat­man all added to why the two he­roes end up in a fight. Sorry SFX, but in a world where Fan­tas­tic Four, X-Men Origins: Wolver­ine, Green Lantern and Amaz­ing Spi­der-Man 2 ex­ist, no way should BvS score a measly 2.5 stars. SFX Hey, I liked some of those films! But not ev­ery­one at SFX hates Dawn Of Jus­tice. I don’t, for in­stance. Largely be­cause I haven’t seen it. So you reckon I should watch the Ul­ti­mate Edi­tion rather than the nor­mal cut? What do you think, dear read­ers – which should I view?


Azhar Sa­hota, email I like Doc­tor Who. I like Matt Lu­cas. But what I do not like is Matt Lu­cas’s Nar­dole char­ac­ter be­com­ing a reg­u­lar on the show. In fact, it fills me with ab­so­lute dread. And is it not also a vote of no-con­fi­dence in Pearl Mackie? We were all sure Cather­ine Tate was go­ing to be aw­ful and she turned out to be great, so let’s hope against hope that his­tory re­peats him­self. SFX I like your op­ti­mism. In these times in the world of Doc­tor Who op­ti­mism is much-needed I feel. #SPOILT BRATS

Ray Adams, Brun­dall Just a quick re­sponse to points raised in is­sue 277’s First Con­tact. I don’t like spoil­ers my­self, but take re­spon­si­bil­ity for avoid­ing them. New ep of Game Of Thrones air­ing? Give Twit­ter a break for a bit. It’s not dif­fi­cult. That said, it’s equally easy to avoid shout­ing out big spoil­ers on­line too. If you’ve just got back from the cinema, don’t jump on­line to say “ZOMG HAN SOLO’S [REDACTED]!!!” Just think, is it pos­si­ble to give an opin­ion with­out di­vulging de­tails? Do that then.

I do, how­ever, take is­sue with com­ments like “How much of a fan are you if you didn’t get to a mid­night screen­ing?” Umm, a fan with kids? Or a job that won’t al­low for that? “Peo­ple need to get or­gan­ised and watch the thing they’re into.” Same deal. Or maybe my part­ner doesn’t like that show, so I can’t watch it when it’s broad­cast. Or I can’t af­ford Sky, so have to wait till other op­tions are avail­able. Real life can im­pact some folk in dif­fer­ent ways. It’s all too easy to as­sume that what’s pos­si­ble for you is pos­si­ble for ev­ery­one, so any­one who doesn’t see things as quickly as you is just slack. But life doesn’t work like that, try see­ing it from other peo­ple’s per­spec­tives be­fore get­ting too judge­men­tal. SFX Wise words, Ray. If more peo­ple could see things from oth­ers’ point of view the world would be a bet­ter place.


Chris Nel­son, email Am I the only one not en­am­oured that the new Spi­der-Man film, and the se­quels if there are any, will only fea­ture Peter Parker as a high school stu­dent? For me, Peter be­came a much more in­ter­est­ing char­ac­ter when he grad­u­ated. Around the time that John Romita came to The Amaz­ing Spi­der-Man in is­sue 39 Peter changed, re­tain­ing his ap­peal­ing streak of vul­ner­a­bil­ity but be­com­ing less geeky and less in­se­cure. He dated god­desses like Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Wat­son for heaven’s sake! The idea of Peter as a high school geek is there­fore mas­sively out of date and will limit the sort of sto­ries the films tell. SFX Good point. But of the two ac­tors who’ve played him in films so far, I vastly pre­ferred the geekier ver­sion by Tobey Maguire to An­drew Garfield (though Maguire showed in­ner strength in his pitch-per­fect por­trayal too).


Ann Bains, email Suicide Squad is a flawed but still-worth-watch­ing film. But the re­ac­tions of some of its sup­port­ers has been laugh­able, par­tic­u­larly rub­bish­ing Rot­ten To­ma­toes for giv­ing it bad re­views. Rot­ten To­ma­toes is a web­site that col­lates re­views, it doesn’t write them! Talk about shoot­ing the mes­sen­ger! These peo­ple need to get a bit of per­spec­tive. SFX I’ve heard it said that the way Rot­ten To­ma­toes rat­ings are now worked out ac­tu­ally means that films now get a more gen­er­ous score than be­fore. Can any­one ver­ify whether that’s the case?

Oliver Fitzsim­mons, email It cer­tainly wasn’t a great movie, but it was not bad ei­ther; def­i­nitely not bad enough to war­rant a 31-42% rat­ing that the ma­jor­ity of crit­ics have de­cided. I could un­der­stand 5/10, but oth­er­wise it just seems spite­ful against the peo­ple who worked hard on the film. I know the fact that peo­ple put ef­fort into some­thing doesn’t mean any­thing if the end prod­uct is aw­ful, but it wasn’t re­ally; lots of creative vi­su­als, 90% less Zack Sny­der, fairly am­bi­tious char­ac­ter ros­ter, and more hu­mour than pre­vi­ously seen in this joy­less fran­chise.

Leto was fine... A de­cent per­for­mance, but failed to even come close to the qual­ity of pre­vi­ous Joker por­tray­als. It doesn’t mat­ter that he ba­si­cally had a glo­ri­fied cameo, he should have seemed like a mael­strom, not a light pat­ter.


Keith Tudor, Rom­sey For the sec­ond year run­ning Para­mount has man­aged to spoil a big twist in a major new film re­lease. Star Trek Be­yond was a fun movie with great ref­er­ences to the his­tory of the

se­ries. How­ever, Krall’s iden­tity was spoiled in the TV spots lead­ing up to the film’s re­lease. They showed Idris Elba look­ing like Idris Elba, mak­ing a log en­try (rather than the very alien-look­ing Krall). This along with a crashed warp 4 ship and it doesn’t take a mas­sive leap to work out who he is. Just like John Con­nor’s Ter­mi­na­tor re­veal in last year’s

Genisys, this spoiler ru­ined a big re­veal in major re­lease.

SFX Ah, but as you went into the film did you still have in mind that TV spot? Or did you only re­mem­ber it at the end of the film? Cru­cial ev­i­dence as to whether they did wrong, I’d say!


Lucy Sam­son, email I re­cently bought Ter­ra­hawks on Blu-ray be­cause I loved it as a kid. Mmm. The dif­fer­ence be­tween a child’s crit­i­cal fac­ul­ties and an adult’s can be pretty big can’t they? Char­lie Keen, email Chuffed there’s go­ing to be a Rocketeer se­quel. A great, un­der­rated film!

Adam Butcher, email You should

have cov­ered The Leg­end Of

Tarzan. A su­per­hero film if ever I saw one, and not a bad one ei­ther.

SFX In­deed. Which gives me the chance to men­tion a splen­did new book called Tarzan On Film, by Scott Tracy Grif­fin, out now.

Bryn Hughes, Wrex­ham Long, long ago, Man­drake the Ma­gi­cian was go­ing to be played on the big screen by Mar­cello Mas­troianni. Long ago, it was go­ing to be Kevin Kline. Now, ac­cord­ing to Nick Setch­field’s Septem­ber col­umn, it’s go­ing to be Sacha Baron Co­hen. “De­vel­op­ment Hell”, in­deed. SFX Facts – we love ’em!

They only went and made a good odd­num­bered Trek film.

Don’t see it if you hate the colour green.

Look­ing for­ward to num­ber four, Uhura?

“Let’s for­get our dif­fer­ences and have a big slurpy kiss.”

Har­ley Quinn: model pris­oner?

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