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In sea­son one of Ash Vs Evil Dead you did a lot of your own stunts. Do you do fewer in sea­son two?

No, no. Be­cause dumb things hap­pen, like the fol­low­ing… They go, “Ash is go­ing to get hit by a car.” Great. So nor­mally they have a stunt­man – my stunt­man Rai­cho Vasilev, an ex­cel­lent stunt­man from Bul­garia. But if you’re film­ing from inside the car and you’re sup­posed to hit Ash, wouldn’t it be bet­ter if the real Ash comes up and splats against the wind­shield? So I would vol­un­teer oc­ca­sion­ally through­out the sea­son to do stuff like that. And af­ter the fourth take, that’s when you re­alise that was a stupid de­ci­sion. But you got your­self into it so you got to kind of do it. We had a few of those this sea­son.

Were you ever worried that this show wouldn’t find a wide au­di­ence?

I was worried. Hell yeah. Be­cause they could have eas­ily gone, “Ah, nice try.”

Evil Dead fans had been de­mand­ing your re­turn for decades…

Yeah, and now bring me back when I’m not re­ally ca­pa­ble of do­ing it any­more and make me do it. Per­fect, let’s just see what hap­pens… Thank god [that] in the show Ash wears a man gir­dle and has den­tures, so we can get away with a lot. But yes, it’s been very grat­i­fy­ing. Be­cause fans are al­ways very hon­est and very di­rect, be­cause they have no rea­son not to be. They’ve been very ac­cept­ing of the show and so we don’t want to let them down. Be­cause they were the ones who made enough noise for so many decades. They would not shut up about these movies, god bless them. I’d rather let a stu­dio ex­ec­u­tive down than the fans down. Be­cause they’re op­er­at­ing from a busi­ness point of view, I get where they’re com­ing from. But with fans… You got to give lit­tle Billy what he wants. And in this case it’s car­nage and may­hem, un­bri­dled.

How does the show top it­self in its sec­ond year?

With Lucy [Law­less]’s char­ac­ter, Ruby. Ruby is much more in­te­grated this sea­son, and I think it’ll be eas­ier for fans to get be­hind that char­ac­ter too.

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