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re­leased OUt NOW! 2016 | 12 | blu-ray/dVd

In­tended to set the scene for this year’s Fi­nal Fan­tasy game, Kingsglaive is torn be­tween its role as jig­saw piece and self-con­tained yarn.

When it fo­cuses on Sean Bean’s king and his tele­port­ing body­guards, the ac­tion bar­rels along. But stodgy ex­po­si­tion is enough to slow even the nim­blest war­riors, with the script of­ten re­sem­bling a FF XV Wikipedia en­try.

Ex­tras Fea­turettes on the CGI, voice cast, mu­sic and art de­sign. Matthew Cas­tle

Regis – Reg to his mates.

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