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“The Force Is Strong With This One” claims this Darth Vader wash bag (price £19.99), with dazzling orig­i­nal­ity. It’s just one of a wide range from Half Moon Bay which also in­cludes Bat­man, Su­per­man and Chew­bacca de­signs. Two sep­a­rate com­part­ments make room for your soapy and tooth­pastey stuff. In­ci­den­tally, can you imag­ine how dif­fi­cult it must have been for the Lord of the Sith to give him­self a good wash? He didn’t need those Force chokes to make ad­ver­saries keel over, he could have just gone and stood next to them.

Do they eat pizza in that gal­axy far, far away? If so they’re prob­a­bly topped with blue cheese and heav­ily pro­cessed Ban­tha meat, and they use some­thing like these Star Wars pizza cut­ters (FPI price £8.99-£12.99; prod­uct codes D5959, D5960, D5961, B8096) to slice them up. The Darth Vader lightsaber model is the most im­pres­sive, thanks to its de­cent recre­ation of the weapon’s hilt. The Boba Fett, R2-D2 and Vader clob­ber mod­els just come with a ba­sic paint job – though these are rather more com­fort­able to hold. All four emit an au­then­tic Star Wars sound ef­fect as you cut.

Why’s Chew­bacca on this Star Wars wal­let (price £14.99)? Why not the cheeky space smug­gler known as Han Solo? He’s a guy much more likely to need some­where to stash his amoral earn­ings. What does a Wook­iee need money for any­way? Aside from sham­poo and hairdry­ers, ob­vi­ously. Any­way, this 100% polyurethane ac­ces­sory (calm your­self ) has six pock­ets – one with a zip, one with a small plas­tic win­dow. Chewie’s ban­dolier adorns the back of it, his

face the front. Just think, you’ll be able to put your Rogue One tick­ets in it soon. Hur­rah!

An­other month, an­other ar­ray of ping pong-ball­headed fig­ures. If Jared Leto had been consulted on the de­sign of these Suicide Squad

Dorbz (FPI price £8.49 each; prod­uct codes F3605, F3606, F3607, F3608) then the Joker one would no doubt squirt chilli sauce in your eye, or come pack­aged inside a box full of used tam­pons and dead blue­bot­tles. Thank­fully, he wasn’t. All the same, it’s tempt­ing to send one to Will Smith so he can work off a lit­tle steam with the aid of a lump ham­mer. These hefty ce­ramic Star

Wars steins (FPI price £7.99 each; prod­uct codes D5985, D5986, D5987, D5988, D5989) have smart word-art de­signs – so Boba Fett’s helmet, for ex­am­ple, is formed from phrases like “jet pack”, “EE3 ri­fle” and “Bounty Hunter”, while the Chew­bacca stein fea­tures, er, “growl” and “grunt”. Also avail­able are Chew­bacca, Yoda, R2-D2 and Darth Vader – which utilises a dark grey-on-black de­sign which is very Sith, but not very leg­i­ble. They’re nice and chunky and per­fect for ei­ther beer or re­ally,

re­ally big cups of tea (Im­pe­rial mea­sure­ment fans, we’re talk­ing 20 fluid ounces of ca­pac­ity). You could even make a chicken Cup-A-Soup – if you’re gross and still liv­ing in 1985.

That an­ti­so­cial cuss Ming the Mer­ci­less loves bom­bard­ing planet Earth with freaky weather and deathrays. Now he’s has got his hands on a deadly new cute­ness beam, re­sult­ing in these Flash Gor­don

Pop! vinyl fig­ures (FPI price £8.99 each; prod­uct codes: F2993, F2994, F2995, F2996). One zap re­duced the no­ble Flash to a mere 9cm in height. But Flash fought back, with the help of bel­low­ing beard-bird Prince Vul­tan (not pic­tured), giv­ing Ming and metal-faced lech Gen­eral Kly­tus a taste of their own evil medicine. Aw, lookit the silly ickle bad men!



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